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Keep an eye on our Gateway series for more news and insight from our correspondents in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

This year we’re closely watching how neoisolationism and geopolitics affect the global travel industry, and our Gateway series gives us fresh insight into more places. We’ve supplemented our full-time presence in North America and Europe with new boots on the ground in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to capture travel industry trends and developments.

The Gateway series features original reporting from our correspondents in Cape Town, Beijing, Singapore, and Caracas. Subjects have ranged from low-cost carriers in Africa introducing people to their first flights to CitizenM Hotels’ expansion strategy in Asia. Here are some of our favorite Gateway stories from the past eight months.

Low-Cost Carriers in Africa Turning Non-Flyers Into Passengers
As low-cost carriers and basic economy options gain popularity in the U.S. and Europe, a few low-cost airlines in Africa are trying to entice the “unflown market” with new distribution methods, new payment avenues, and prices that rival buses. Read the full story here.

Southern Africa’s Tour Operators Are Radically Rethinking Wild Animal Attractions
The safari industry is facing some negative press over the treatment of animals, and much like SeaWorld, these tour operators may have to rethink their staple product in order to survive long-term. Read the full story here.

Hotels in China Don’t Benefit Much From the World’s Largest Travel Event
The world’s largest annual migration happens during Chinese New Year. Not only does this put a terrific strain on China’s transportation system, but hotels and restaurants lose their staff during the holiday and technology makes ticket-booking both easier and harder at once. Read the full story here.

What Travel to North Korea Says — And Doesn’t Say — About Adventure Travel
The death of a young American in North Korea reminded the travel industry that despite the increased democratization of travel, some travel warnings should be taken seriously. Read the full story here.

CitizenM Hotels Tries to Strike Just the Right Tune as It Expands in Asia
As boutique hotel company citizenM expands into North America and Asia, it works on differentiating the brand in an increasingly crowded marketplace of affordable luxury. Read the full story here.

Asia Low-Cost Carrier Alliance Needs to Prove Its Benefits or ‘Die’
The world’s first low-cost carrier alliance faces some obstacles, namely convincing independent players to partner, in order to better connect different regions in Asia. Read the full story here.

Venezuelan Travel Agencies Get Creative in Reinventing Themselves After Very Tough Year
The economic crisis in Venezuela continues taking a toll on the travel industry. When times get tough, most people cut leisure items first, and travel agencies are feeling the pinch while struggling to serve those who can still afford a vacation. Read the full story here.


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