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Rewarding business travelers for making good financial decisions may be the next big thing in corporate travel.

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The Future of Corporate + Business Travel

When we spoke to Priceline founder Jay Walker last week about the impending announcement of his new incentive-based business travel booking service Upside, he minced no words about his belief that gift cards from top retailers will quickly change the calculus by which business travelers place their bookings.

“There is pretty much no business traveler who is coming home and can’t afford to make a stop if they want,” Walker said. “There’s no business traveler who can’t stay a five minute Uber ride away from the convention center if that’s what they want to do. There’s never been a reason for the business traveler to be that flexible, because the company policies and other people’s money basically give them what they’re entitled to…. on the other hand, if you were getting $1,000 to stay at a two-star hotel that was perfectly fine instead of a four-or-five star, where do you stay?”

He’s not wrong. It’ll be interesting to see how travel management companies adapt if clients come asking for similar benefits in return for increased flexibility. Services like Rocketrip have been rewarding travelers for volunteering to travel in less costly ways, but Upside brings the visibility, and snazzy booking experience, only a founder like Walker can bestow.

Walker is also courting business travelers themselves, instead of travel managers or corporate decision makers. When workers tell their bosses that they want to earn gift cards for saving the company money, it’ll be hard for smart leaders to say no.

— Andrew Sheivachman, Skift

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I’m at @ACTEtweets Forum in Delhi. @SabreTN research-“only 17% of travel managers recommending apps to their travelers”. That’s way too low! – @greeleykoch

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