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The Annual General Meeting of the International Air Transport Association in Miami was the event to watch this week in the aviation sector. Even if, sometimes, you wanted to look away.

Our favorite moments from the conference as captured in tweets, below.

1. That moment the 1% said, “Whaaaaat?”

2. When airlines said Millennials didn’t matter, and Millennials minded.

And then just for the chuckles:

3. When someone brought up the bill, and it fell on deaf ears.

4. When aircraft tracking was too soon.

And too late.

5. The moment Boeing acknowledged the best airline icon to represent the spirit of aviation went bust in 1991.

6. Closely followed by the moment airlines declared they needed a strong third player in the aircraft manufacturing game.

7. When you could hear the icicles cracking in Miami, in the summer.

8. That time that top airline execs tried to enjoy their fancy luncheons and gala dinners while the employees who make their inflight meals pleaded for an extra nickel.

And someone ordered these cupcakes, but the workers didn’t even get a teddy bear as consolation.

9. When wardrobe issues:

10. That time that IATA execs gathered for their family photo, and aviation’s women pointed out that it was easier to find Waldo than a peer in aviation.

And gained some #heforshe support:

Until, finally somebody spotted one!

11. When Qatar Airway’s Al Baker declared he’d stood all he could stand and could stand no more—during the opening session.

And then Clark dug the knife in a bit.

And Tyler tried to put an end to the nonsense.

And failed:

12. That time Quest played hooky to go to the beach, and brought back indisputable evidence. Bless him.

13. When Air France tried to scare the skies out of Amadeus.

14. Just about everything Lufthansa’s Spohr said, but these stand out:

15. And finally..oopsie!

And with these indelible memories we return you to your regularly scheduled flights  — until next year.

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Photo credit: IATA Director General and CEO, Tony Tyler Jason Lee / Reuters

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