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Berlin is projected to be a hipster haven filled with young creatives and partiers; however, the majority of its tourism wealth comes from well-off travelers interested in a mix of what the city has to offer.

Berlin is often considered the hedonistic capital of the world and has made headlines in recent years as a magnet for young artists, musicians, freelancers and partiers.

Despite its reputation, however, the majority of tourists to Berlin are actually successful entrepreneurs looking for a weekend of culture, fun and relaxation.

“The average age of a tourist in Berlin is 41 years old,” explains VisitBerlin CEO Bernhard Kieker in a recent interview.

This group of travelers is usually successful in their profession and making money. They are looking for a high-end city destination and staying in 4- or 5-star hotels.

“We offer wellness for the body and soul. Soul is culture,” says Kieker.

Although “easyJet” tourists going to clubs and drinking beer in the streets are the most talked about tourists when it comes to Berlin’s rise as global destination, they only account for about 15 percent of total visitation.

International Markets

A total 11.9 million visitors arrived in Berlin in 2014, of which 7.4 million came from Germany.

Europe is, of course, its largest international market with visitors coming from the UK, Italy and the Netherlands.

However, an unexpected market for Berlin is Mongolia. According to Kieker, many of the Mongolians that study abroad come to Germany.

“I think we’re the only city worldwide that does marketing in Mongolia,” he says. “It’s always great fun and we make a lot of money in return.”

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Photo Credit: A man works on a mural in Gorlitzer Park in Berlin. Samantha Shankman / Skift