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Our goal with this refresh is to give you more visuals, simpler navigation, clearer voice, and cleaner story pages.

As we start 2014, we are unveiling a new design for A year and a half into our existence, this is our first complete overhaul of the Skift look. We’re taking lessons from what has worked so far and what we wanted to improve upon. The new design starts with our homepage and story pages, and will roll out for the rest of the site over the next few weeks.

There is more still to be done, but the gist of it is: more visuals, simpler navigation, clearer voice, and cleaner story pages. Also, one of the biggest things for us was making the brand voice clearer, and with this new design you’ll notice that the Skift Take — which has become our signature brand voice since launch — is now front and center on the homepage with every featured story.

Also on the homepage, we have brought up the latest headline “river of news” to the left rail on top, so you can always scan through the latest headlines. The second column, the right one, is where we will feature three to five stories daily, with bigger visuals and Skift Take right up there.

In the middle of the homepage we have some of the highlighted Skift franchise coverage areas, like travel ads, design in travel, and coverage of recent startup venture fundings, among others.

The main category headlines and stories are highlighted in the last section of the homepage.

Story Pages

On story pages, we have changed the positions of the Skift Take and the main story body, among other things, and stripped away almost everything else to the left and right of it so you can read through the story without distractions. Below it are additional stories for you to go to.

Of course there’s still more to come, and even the pages launched have bugs we’re fixing. Over the next weeks includes redesigned product pages, redesign section pages, a new newsletter look, new subscription/commerce system for Skift Trends, and continued development of SkiftIQ.

Give us as much feedback as you can, we can take it. Email me at: ra AT, or tweet at us.

Rafat Ali
CEO, Skift


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