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We loved the design and iconography of the new Fiji Airways when it was unveiled last year, and these new funky-yet-locally-inspired uniforms build on it.

Fiji Airways is now finally in existence, a year after it announced its rebranding from previous Air Pacific name. A few months later it showed off the redesign of its planes, which we said made it among the coolest looking airlines on the planet. And this month, it is launching with this all new look, along with a new website, new services and new multicolor uniforms.

The uniforms, “stylised to the Fijian attire of Sulu Jaba and Bula wear, reflect vibrant aqua colours, to present a balance with the new Fiji Airways’ cabin interiors featuring sophisticated, earthy tones of Fiji. The aqua contrasts with the colour brown which now forms a key part of the airline’s brandmark and identity…The uniforms prominently feature three distinct masi motifs created by celebrated Fijian masi artist Makereta Matemosi. The Qalitoka symbolises the unity of people to complete a task, Tama symbolising friendly service, and Droe, which means clear blue skies and cool breeze on beaches.”

More details on the new uniforms here.

The story of creating this new uniforms, from the local designer Alexandra Poenaru-Philp:

And the launch of the new uniforms, at the launch event:


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