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Everyone’s a critic, but at least on Twitter the criticism is brief. Here’s how users of the social network are responding to American Airlines’ announcement and images of its new logo and livery design, which Skift broke earlier this morning.

American Airlines’ new designs

American Airlines confirmed its new logo and livery designs this morning. Here’s what Twitter users think:

Storified by Jason Clampet· Thu, Jan 17 2013 08:44:24

Already wags are wondering if the inspiration for @AmericanAir’s new look came from Havana: Koenig
@brianmacco @AmericanAir Love it. I really do.Mark Sims /designer/
More on @AmericanAir’s new identity/livery from @FutureBrand Very much looking forward to @ucllc’s post…Aaron Gage Lewis
Today it happened! American Airlines unveils new livery and corporate identity created by @FutureBrand #newamericanThe Branding Source
MBLM is proud to be part of the FutureBrand team that led American Airlines brand modernization program. Check it out
The new @AmericanAir logo is a missed opportunity to inject a storied heritage into the brand and recapture the lost romanticism of flight.J.B. Chaykowsky
@AmericanAir No it doesn’t. It’s just ugly. You fixed the ONLY thing that isn’t broken about your airline :(Joel Spolsky
@AmericanAir livery looks like #OneWorld partner #LANTAM @Heather_Poole @skiftnews @CarnivalCruise @LANAirlinesUSA @TAMAirlines @APEXmaryMichael Wm. Denis
@GomezJames @AirlineFlyer @TNRomero @AmericanAir Yes sir, I really do like it. American is daring to be different. Good on them.Mary Kirby
it’s like putting lipstick on a pig…you still have no legroom and old planes, AA. drell
American Airlines changed their logo. and its horrible.J.B. Chaykowsky
.@petchmo I understand that @AmericanAir name stays in a merger. But the @USAirways team may have different ideas. I’m just sayin’…Benet Wilson
Wish @AmericanAir would spend less on paint & Vangelis videos & more on partnering with @AwardWallet & MySeatfinder Lieber
It’s growing on me, the new look. It’s strong, POWERFUL! It says don’t F with me. It says out of my way. Find me a gate – NOW! @AmericanAirHeather Poole
I quite like the new livery #notducking RT @jonostrower: So, uh, what do you think of the new AA colors? #ducksDarren Booth
Good God, American Airlines. What have you done? (I liked United’s tulip logo, but this seems way worse.)Rob Pegoraro
@goMarielle @AmericanAir they’re unveiling a new logo. Repainting the planes is nice, but I would be happier to see the DOT numbers improve.Christopher Elliott


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