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Hotel Transylvania, the movie, video and game, typifies today's multichannel marketing, with its digital and social forays.

Sony announced that its Hotel Transylvania animated movie will be coming to the Blu-ray 3D format early next year, a development that occurs despite TripAdvisor’s recent admission that its listing for the property of the same name is full of fake reviews.

The Hotel Transylvania animated movie, with Adam Sandler giving voice to Dracula’s rants, will have viewers longing for the comforts of a HomeAway-style vacation rental as an alternative to a stay at the horrific hotel in the supposedly vampire-infested destination.

Proponents of Blu-ray optical disc technology, which is supported by Apple, Dell, Hitachi, HP, JVC, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Pioneer, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, TDK and Thomson, say it provides an optimal HD-video user experience, along with super-charged storage capacity.

That’s a seemingly perfect medium for watching Dracula toy with an unsuspecting young man who has romantic designs on Dracula’s teen daughter.

If you think the people of Romania would shudder at another movie about vampires and its accompanying stilted characterization of the region, then guess again as USA Today reports that “Hotel Transylvania rocked the Transylvania box office” when it opened there last month.

Meanwhile, TripAdvisor concedes that although it has published 47 reviews for Hotel Transylvania — the hotel, and not the movie or the video game — all of the hotel reviews are fakes because the hotel’s TripAdvisor listing is actually an advertisement for the movie.

The hotel sounded too good to be true, and didn’t pass the sniff test.

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Photo credit: Hotel Transylvania hit the big screens a couple of months ago, and is showing a second life in video and gaming.

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