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Short-Term Rental and Vacation Rental News

Find news stories, highlighting the latest trends, developments, and opportunities in the vacation and short-term rental markets. Read stories about property management, regulation changes, and the impact of technology on the guest experience. News stories in the archive also analyze the role of major players in the industry, such as Airbnb, Vrbo, and, and how their strategies and innovations are influencing the overall market.


Everyone loves micro-subletting — except the neighbors and the law

Consumers love alternative accommodations, but players from Airbnb down to vacation rental companies like Wyndham are going to take more responsibility and make it harder for their customers to break laws and avoid taxes.


Hacker hostels in Silicon Valley offer short- and long-term stays for future startup stars

Techies who want to take the idea of a shared workspace one step further can apply for the $40 per night stay through Airbnb, although some hostels have become more underground to avoid trouble from landlords.

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Airbnb’s busiest night reveals its new secret weapon: business travel

Even business travelers are beginning to see value in controversial room-rental sites such as Airbnb, signaling what we already knew -- that the lodging world is being transformed.

Airbnb’s busiest night reveals its new secret weapon: business travel

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NextGreatPlace vacation membership club secures $3.5 million in funding

NextGreatPlace hopes to be the next great vacation club, but as in other trendy endeavors, it will have to prove that the model works.


Hotel and rental home occupancies in Turkish border province shoot up due to Syrian conflict

As journalists flock to the region and well-off Syrians flee their country to rent safer homes, the Turkish border province rebounds from a dip in tourism, but these are revenues they're eager to replace.


Tips from a lawyer on subletting your apartment on Airbnb

Here's some expert advice: Don't be sneaky when you're renting or, at the very least, make sure your short-term tenants aren't left in the lurch when your landlord discovers you're violating your lease.


Airbnb gets more U.S. competition as 9flats snaps up iStopOver

9flats is Airbnb's prime competitor in Europe and, unlike copy-cat side Wimdu, has some tested travel minds behind the steering wheel. Look for some fun movement in the U.S. as they begin to seriously compete.


HomeAway’s hometown is the latest city trying to manage short-term rentals

Many cities in the U.S. are looking for the best way to deal with the web-driven boom in short-term rentals and its negative impact on neighborhoods and local quality of life.


Dubai International Airport sees 14% jump in traffic in the first half of 2012

Over the past decade Dubai has risen from an airport few could place on a map to one that most long-haulers get excited about transiting through. Expect it to grow even more as its main competitors have maxed out their real estate options.


How one NYC neighborhood is trying to expose Airbnb landlords

The Times story highlights the tension between old tenant and new, but illegal rentals on sites like Airbnb cross all demographic divides.