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Asian Tourism Investment Looks Promising Through 2026, But Challenges Loom

As the world's fastest-growing region for tourism it's a good sign that some Asian countries can expect to see healthy travel and tourism investment during the next 10 years. But a number of factors could alter these projections, particularly the Chinese market, as more global tourism trends are tested in this region.

1 week ago

Global Travel Spending Outpacing World Economic Growth, WTTC Says

There is a global slowdown in travel spending but it is still growing faster than projected world economic growth. Terrorism impacts travel spending but macro-economic events have a sometimes-less publicized but far greater impact.

2 months ago

Interview: CitizenM Hotels Co-Founder on Making a Stay an Extension of Guests’ Lifestyles

citizenM gives its guests more for less while "only selling a night of sleep" in an understated fashion, as co-founder Michael Levie put it. Its model can be illuminating for big and small hotels alike in understanding what happens when data and technology are used to their potentials.

6 months ago

Hyatt CEO Interview: Bigger Isn’t (Always) Better and Loyalty Is More Than Points

As anyone in media knows right now, scale is not always the solution and confidence in what you do well is rarely a bad idea. Hyatt's rethink of both loyalty beyond points and branding beyond the nightly stay will help it differentiate its product.

7 months ago

Hertz Investment in On-Demand Car Service Tied to Tech Overhaul

Hertz's investment in on-demand valet-parking service Luxe should be seen in the context of Accorhotels recently acquiring Onefinestay. Car rental companies and hotels are both feeling pressure from the sharing economy and they will be making more such investments and acquisitions as these startup mature.

7 months ago

Expedia Chair Barry Diller: Artificial Intelligence Will Be Travel’s Next Big Thing

Barry Diller's intelligence is not artificial at all and it's sometimes underrated. Diller has been one of the superstars in crafting the trajectory of online travel through his acquisitions and perseverance when things didn't always go smoothly.

7 months ago

5 Homeland Security Priorities to Enhance Safety and Keep the Lines Moving

Will this list make passengers waiting in long airport lines feel any better? It's doubtful, but maybe some new solutions will emerge.

7 months ago

Commerce Secretary, Marriott CEO Call for More Data-Sharing to Enhance Security

It will take both the public and private sectors working together to see that security data is regularly shared in a transparent fashion.

7 months ago

Hilton CEO Heaps Praise on His ‘Good Partners’ the Online Travel Agencies

Although his company has made it a mission to tell customers to book direct, Hilton CEO Christopher Nassetta knows he can't afford to overlook other distribution channels, including online travel agencies and travel agents.

7 months ago

Bill Marriott Says ‘We Were Done’ if Anbang Had Made Another Starwood Bid

We can only imagine what Anbang and its investor group, as well as Starwood, must be thinking right now.

7 months ago

U.S. Travel Association CEO on Defending Visa Waiver Program Against Uninformed Attacks

Roger Dow of the U.S. Travel Association said the first decade of the 21st century was the "lost decade," when international travel grew exponentially but visitor arrivals to the U.S. remained relatively flat. Shutting down the visa waiver program in in the wake of terrorist attacks would again halt growth just as numbers begin to show it's working.

7 months ago

Chinese Travelers Made Southeast Asia Fastest-Growing Tourism Region in 2015

Southeast Asia owes much of its tourism growth to China but people from within the region are also generally more interested in travel than they were 10 years ago. It's a region that's social, mobile-dependent and interconnected that make it the ideal testing ground for the future of travel.

7 months ago