Articles tagged “winter sports”

Japan’s Ski Resorts Struggle Against El NiƱo and Declining Interest

Add to the list of challenges: a lackluster performance by a tourism board that has trouble selling Japan's varied assets.

9 months ago

Skiing the Alps Gets Tougher as Climate Change Takes Its Toll

Leave it to global climate change to declines in one of the oldest touristic activities on the planet.

10 months ago

The Complicated Pricing Ruling U.S. Ski Slopes This Winter

Lift ticket prices exist to make airline ticket pricing seem sane.

11 months ago

Extreme Weather in California Brings Early Ski Season

Global climate change is bringing with it uncertainty at the extremes, whether it be arctic tours or ski vacations.

12 months ago

New Hampshire Ski Resorts Building Bigger Business in the Offseason

Way to take global climate change lemons and turn them into global climate change lemonade. Expect more resorts to learn these lessons.

12 months ago

Colorado Ski Resorts Already Worried About Weather and Strong Dollar This Winter

Global climate change + stronger dollar = lousy winter on Colorado slopes.

1 year ago

New Denver to Vail Highway to Experiment With Surge Pricing

Technology can bring us wonderful things, even if they out us a bit more.

1 year ago

French Alps Leaders Consider Winter Sport Tourism After Climate Change

Everything is changing, and it will have a radical effect on tourism around the world.

1 year ago

Vail Closes Deal to Buy Australian Ski Resort for $135 Million

Vail continues its domination of the winter sports market.

1 year ago

Backcountry Skiers Can’t Catch a Break in California This Year

Oh, climate change!

2 years ago

Vail Resorts Is Spending $136 Million to Buy Australia’s Largest Ski Resort

Vail is quietly building an empire while all its rivals sit by powerlessly.

2 years ago

The Hottest Ticket in Denver Is a Train Ride From Downtown to Ski Slopes

Anyone stuck in mountain traffic in Colorado knows that this is an excellent idea.

2 years ago