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Washington, D.C. Broke Its Own Tourism Record in 2015

In a year when people are still cautious about spending, a tourist attraction that boasts world-class attractions for free definitely has an edge.

6 months ago

Washington Tourism CEO Explains the Impact of D.C. Cool Campaign

Destination DC's marketing campaign pivoted the city's identity toward a more diverse destination with cool places to go beyond museums, monuments and memorials.

1 year ago

Another Chef Turns His Back on New Trump Hotel Project

First it was Jose Andres, now Zakarian. Politics can be bad for business, especially when the politics are bad.

1 year ago

Washington, D.C. Had a Record 18.3 Million Domestic Visitors in 2014

Most U.S. cities are calling 2014 another record year for their tourism sectors and the international numbers, when released, will help complete the picture.

1 year ago

Washington D.C.’s Smithsonian Institute Has a New Building for Visitors

This is where the real history began in D.C. attractions, and it's good to see it open again.

2 years ago

Etihad Brings Its Fancy Dreamliner to Washington, D.C. for Open Skies Battle

If the fastest way to the heart is through the stomach, Etihad is making a meal of its product differentiation and serving it hot to both investors in New York and lobbyists in the Nation's capital--complete with a lovely garnish.

2 years ago

Marijuana Freedom Coming to D.C., But Not at Founding Fathers’ Monuments

As more destinations ease regulations on pot smoking, tourists must be careful to read the fine print to make sure their vacation doesn't turn into a trip behind bars.

2 years ago

Lindbergh’s Plane to Get Tender Loving Care, Lots of Visitors at Smithsonian

The "Spirit of St. Louis," which has been up in the rafters at the Smithsonian for decades, is executing an emergency landing of sorts as it was lowered to patch tears in the fabric skin and other defects.

2 years ago

The U.S.’s First Maglev Train Could Connect Washington, D.C. and Baltimore

It's not that we're bored by this, but it's hard to get excited about a 15-minute ride from Baltimore to D.C. -- even with Japan involved.

2 years ago

Tourists Visiting White House May Be Moved Following Incursion

Moving the tourists seems like an odd response to an incident that had nothing to do with the current tourist screening procedure.

2 years ago

Best Travel Ads This Week: Hotels and Destinations Make Their Case

Brands that have become well-known for a certain product, whether it's beaches or business, need to work hard to shift consumers' awareness of their offerings. This often takes a multi-channel, multi-year marketing strategy.

2 years ago

Washington, D.C. Had Record Visitors and Spending in 2013

Most U.S. cities are reporting stellar tourism years in 2013, leading to high hopes for the current year.

2 years ago