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Japan’s Popularity as a Tourism Destination Is Making It More Expensive to Build Hotels There

Overtourism has a lot of unintended consequences. While the record tourism numbers are welcome by tourism organizations and businesses, Japan, especially Tokyo, needs to prepare itself to welcome even more travelers both in the immediate future and in time for the 2020 Olympics.

1 month ago

A Stronger Yen Is a Major Concern for a Luxury Tokyo Hotelier

Fluctuations in currency can often have a bigger impact than we might think on a destination's tourism business. The bigger question, though, centers on what the city is doing to address its shortage of hotels, especially in view of the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

2 months ago

The Next Three Olympics Are Headed to Korea, Japan, and China

No Olympic Games is ever without its troubles or controversies, and hosting the Games is never cheap. Given what's happened in Rio, however, it's clear that Olympic organizers are realizing they need to be much smarter about which cities they pick to play host: While it's an incredible honor and source of pride for the countries picked, it can also be a tremendous financial and logistical burden, too.

2 months ago

A Billionaire Buddhist Priest and His Disciple Want to Fix Tokyo’s Hotel Shortage

Horiguchi and Inamori's approach to doing business could be a lesson for anyone in any industry: make money but make your employees, and the greater society, better for it.

3 months ago

Airbnb Is Going All Out to Win Over Tough Japanese Regulators

Japan is a market that offers Airbnb a chance to provide a model working relationship for other destinations facing lodging and housing crunches.

4 months ago

Tokyo, the Park Hyatt and the Art of the Hotel Arrival

It is a delight to witness a hotel arrival that hums with quiet efficiency and professionalism

4 months ago

New Agreement Makes Tokyo-Bound Flights Better for U.S. Passengers

Sensible flights to an airport near Tokyo will likely have a bigger impact on business travel than people would assume.

8 months ago

Why Japan’s Crackdown on Airbnb Is Bad News for Its Ambitions in Japan

We agree that Tokyo should loosen up restrictions for the Olympics, but we'll also argue from personal experience that there are multiple options available for both affordable hotels and short-term, legal rentals in the city during non-peak times. Airbnb shouldn't use 2020 to weaken rules that improve the quality of life for many residents.

8 months ago

Japan Is Worried About Life After the Tokyo Olympics

When the Olympics is your economy's bright spot, you know you have work to do. Japan needs to sell itself better to tourist, as well as convert visitors into immigrants that fill in gaps in the Japanese economy.

9 months ago

Tokyo Olympics’ Second Try at a Logo Design Nears Selection Phase

We long for the days when you could count on the Olympics and World Cup to inspire with compelling design. The latest entrants have seemed more like chain restaurant rejects than icons.

10 months ago

Tokyo Puts a Number on It Expectations for Olympic Tourism Impact

Japan needs its tourism board to stop being so bureaucratic and political and turn this into a marketing opportunity worthy of one of the world's best cities.

10 months ago

American Airlines Wins Battle With Delta Over Tokyo’s Haneda Airport

Any airline flying into Tokyo would prefer Haneda, so it's easy to see why Delta is fighting.

11 months ago