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There’s Another Wanda Resort in China to Challenge Shanghai Disney

Wanda will easily be more successful in opening multiple parks across China, but Disney's theme park play has never been about saturation, it's been about creating destinations.

2 days ago

Shanghai Disney Is More Popular Than Expected, But the CEO Stays Mum on Numbers

The Shanghai Disney victory lap will likely continue for some time, but we'd love to see some actual numbers one of these days.

4 days ago

SeaWorld Shareholders Have a New Reason to Be Disappointed

SeaWorld answered its most vocal critics earlier this year with the decision to stop breeding killer whales in captivity and move away from using orca shows as entertainment. But the company's performance has continued to suffer, and the dividend announcement is already taking a toll.

5 days ago

Universal Theme Parks Are Bound for a Long Stretch of Rapid Growth, CEO Says

NBCUniversal is expanding its theme park empire around the globe, but wisely continuing to up its game in domestic properties at the same time.

7 days ago

Disney Says Zika Is Not Hurting Its Florida Theme Park Business

Disney did not like an analyst's suggestion that Zika could be causing travelers to reconsider trips to Florida parks. The theme park company is working to allay visitors' fears with bug spray and messages about mosquito control, but as long as the virus isn't being transmitted locally, we don't expect the parks to take a serious hit.

1 week ago

Orlando Tourism Is Taking a Hit From Brazil’s Woes and Higher Theme Park Prices

The bad news has kept on coming for Orlando, so we aren't surprise by the dip so far in visitor numbers. Industry leaders have said they are working hard to control the threat of mosquitoes, which is important: They need Zika to stay away.

2 weeks ago

Dubai Opens the World’s Largest Indoor Theme Park

It goes without saying that huge projects like this which depend on non-sustainable financial backing (have you seen the price of gas these days?) are not smart, long-term tourism development.

4 weeks ago

Theme Parks in Orlando Are Battling Zika Fears with Bug Spray

Zika is not being locally transmitted in Orlando, but theme park visitors who aren't familiar with Florida's geography might be worried by news reports about the virus. Providing free bug spray is a good way to address those concerns. Also important: behind-the-scenes mosquito control efforts.

4 weeks ago

Disney Rival Wanda’s Latest Move Is a $9.5 Billion Tourism Project in China

Dalian Wanda Group is building at breakneck speed, but Disney executives have said they don't feel threatened. We think there's room for more than one entertainment giant in China.

1 month ago

No Disney Neighbor Needed — Legoland Considering Small-Town Strategy for U.S. Expansion

Legoland, which includes parks in California and Florida, has established itself as a popular option for the families-with-small-kids set. Will parent company Merlin Entertainments be successful as it tries to expand the brand beyond established theme park regions in the U.S.?

2 months ago

The Future of Theme Park Pricing is Creative and Dynamic

Theme parks need customers to be thrilled, not just satisfied — so it's no surprise they've been careful about changing a pricing system that has been in place for ages.

2 months ago

Disney’s Domestic Parks Had Lower Attendance, But They Still Made a Ton of Money

Disney is not immune to the worries of the world — its Paris theme park is struggling and the strong dollar is keeping some international visitors from coming to the U.S. properties — but the company had a robust quarter nonetheless.

2 months ago