Universal Theme Parks Have the Magic Formula for Millennials Says Foursquare

Universal parent company Comcast has been pouring money into its theme parks, and this data from Foursquare is another sign that the investment is paying off.

Shanghai Disney’s Popularity Could Lead to More Business for Tokyo Parks

The first Disney park built outside of the United States hopes the latest will create fans who want to visit Mickey Mouse all over Asia.

Six Flags Isn’t Confirming a New Park in Saudi Arabia, But Its International Ambitions Are Growing

Six Flags may not be ready to formally announce a park in Saudi Arabia, but we would not be surprised if plans are in the works.

Disney’s Brand New Shanghai Park Is Already Expanding

Disney made sure that there was enough room around the Shanghai resort to grow and grow some more; we expect the company to take full advantage of that space over time.

Orlando Massacre Brings Tragedy to a Destination Famous for Its Happy Places

Tourists will still flock to Orlando, even if their excitement is tempered by brutal reality. But they may need reassurance from authorities and attractions that appropriate security measures are being taken.

Disney’s Already Tight Security Gets a Boost After Orlando Shooting

As with any other horrific terrorist attack, any impact to tourism is always short-term. Especially in destinations like Orlando that already top travelers' wish lists.

Disney’s Foreign Curse Could End With $5.5 Billion China Resort

Disney is saying its new Shanghai theme park opening this month won't have the same cultural insensitivity missteps and technical issues as its previous international theme parks.

Disney Faces a Noisy Competitor as Its Shanghai Park Prepares to Open

The Disney park in Shanghai is bigger and more expensive than its local rival; time will tell which option the market prefers.

Disney’s Top Rival in China Opens the First of Many Planned Theme Parks

You can bet that Disney and Universal will quickly move to stamp out those performers dressed like Snow White, Captain America, and Kung Fu Panda.

Disney Still Rules Theme Parks, But Harry Potter Does Wonders for Attendance

These numbers show that while Disney still sits comfortably on top, its fiercest rival is showing strong growth.