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Taxis Battling Ridesharing Services Are Losing the Fight for Business Travelers

As app-based ride-hailing services become widespread in personal use, it's no surprise that corporate travel use is also increasing — even if some employers aren't fully on board yet.

3 months ago

Travel in France Tomorrow to Be Trying Thanks to Taxi and Air Traffic Strikes

This may not be the last thing tourism in France needs right now, but it's at the top of the list. And it's a sure way to get everyone on the side of management.

9 months ago

Uber Is Trying to Start a Price War With Its Rivals in the U.S.

Price wars are welcomed by consumers when they appear and resented when they go away.

10 months ago

Uber Cries Foul as Indonesian Police Seize 30 Cars

Uber is fighting entrenched special interests all over the world and sometimes, such as in France and now Indonesia, things get rough. Consumer demand will likely have a lot to do with how things play out in Indonesia.

1 year ago

Why Uber Could Face Its Toughest Fight Yet in China

China is Uber's number one international priority but you can't always get what you want.

1 year ago

Uber’s Latest Foreign Challenger Is Russia’s Answer to Google

Whatever criticisms one may have of Uber, you have to hand it to them for picking fights and winning on so many fronts all at the same time.

1 year ago

New York City Taxi Owners Form Group to Take on Uber

The medallion system was a failure before Uber and Lyft, and it's a tragedy now. The city should give benefits to the small operators yet leave the big ones to fend for themselves.

1 year ago

Taxis Vs. Uber in NYC According the Drivers Behind the Wheel

For a city that's long been defined by the sea of yellow cabs flowing through its streets, the disruption brought on by Uber makes a fascinating story. But maybe not quite so interesting if your livelihood depends upon it.

1 year ago

New York’s Taxi Medallion Business Is Hurting, Thanks to Uber and Lyft

Medallions do little to make life better for cabbies or for passengers. Good riddance.

1 year ago

Mexico City Proposes New E-Hail Rules to Level the Taxi Playing Field

These rules seem to take what works in New York City and — along with the new app for existing cars — make them even better for Mexico City.

1 year ago

Uber and Lyft Fight New York Taxi Rules While Fighting Both Logic and Each Other

We use a phone to call Dial 7 Taxi, does that make them a rival to AT&T? No it doesn't, any more than it makes Uber a technology company.

1 year ago

Uber Cars Outnumber Yellow Cabs in New York City

Uber has worked so well in New York because it had to make concessions to the city in order to play ball. In the end, though, the consumer has benefitted.

2 years ago