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Southwest First U.S. Airline to Offer Gate To Get Messaging, and For A Fee, Of Course

Suddenly, Southwest and other airlines to come have a new ancillary revenue source: fees for texting. Southwest is offering its new iMessage fee at an introductory price of $2 per device. Introductory fees tend to be replaced by higher fees at a later juncture.

Ground Transport

Rail booking gets real easy via text message in India

From Kingfisher's demise to Etihad's investment in Jet Airways, airlines have dominated headlines about India as of late, but a lot of the real action is taking place in the rail sector. PhoCusWright, for example, projects that rail will gain share in the overall India travel market over the next couple of years.


Gogo planning inflight text service over Wi-Fi

Gogo hasn't detailed how much it would cost passengers to use, but an inflight SMS service over Wi-Fi would certainly make for a more efficient and pleasant flight experience.


Indian airports charge passengers to print tickets, won’t accept mobile tickets

The print fees were imposed to limit lines at airport counters, but the small revenue generated from the fees may play a factor in delaying the outdated aviation bureau from allowing mobile tickets for domestic flights.


East African startup competition taps SMS bus ticket company as winner

Feature phones are still the dominant communication device in the emerging world and this Tanzanian startup's basic service improves travelers' lives with a basic implementation of an otherwise complicated transaction.