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United Airlines Abandons Plan To Buy Even More Slots at Newark from Delta

The Justice Department sued United to block it from increasing its already-dominant position at Newark Airport by buying slots from Delta. United backed off; it wasn't going to win this argument.

7 months ago

United’s Having Troubles Getting Approval To Expand in Shanghai

Chinese aviation authorities aren't exactly being welcoming toward United's expansion plans in Shanghai although this could be part of the regular back and forth in negotiations over slots.

1 year ago

Delta, SkyTeam To Give Up Slots at JFK to Settle EU Antitrust Probe

After settling with OneWorld in 2010, EU antitrust negotiators turned their attention to SkyTeam and now have made peace.

1 year ago

Delta Isn’t Eligible for Love Field Slots, Justice Department Rules

The Justice Department is absolutely right to bar Delta from taking some of the available slots at Love Field. Substituting one of the largest global airlines there for another doesn't make much sense.

3 years ago

American Has $10.3 Billion In Cash That Could Speed Merger Integration

American has $10.3 billion in cash, some of which can be used to speed its integration with US Airways. Too bad United doesn't have some more cash hanging around.

3 years ago

Airlines Submit Bids for American Air’s Slots at D.C. National

Let's hope winning bidders will inject a little more competition into Reagan National and help maintain service to smaller communities.

3 years ago

Sarasota Fights to Keep Reagan National Flight as Slot Sales Loom

Until the slots sales are settled, the battle to save the lone direct flight from Sarasota-Bradenton to Reagan National will be played out at smaller communities and airports across the country.

3 years ago

Delta Wants to Bid for D.C. and Dallas Slots Reserved for Low-Cost Carriers

Greedy, greedy, greedy. Keeping the bidding to low-cost carriers would indeed inject some competition into airports where it is at times sorely lacking, as well as protect consumers that the U.S. Justice Department said it was looking out for in the American/US Air lawsuit.

3 years ago

Southwest Wants the New American’s Washington-Reagan Slots

The last time slots opened up at LaGuardia, Southwest wasn't a successful bidder. If DCA slots open up, and LaGuardia slots again become available, you can expect Southwest to go all in.

3 years ago

American Airlines-US Airways merger: Lawmakers oppose slot divestitures

Does one sniff a big US Airways-American Airlines lobbying effort under way? Although the merger would enhance the new American Airlines' dominant position at Reagan National, lawmakers obviously don't want to mess with their flights home. Shocking (not).

3 years ago

Incoming American Air CEO isn’t happy about JetBlue’s move on D.C. slots

Rant or not, the new American Airlines will likely have to give some ground on its DCA slot-pair dominance.

4 years ago

JetBlue demands the new American Airlines divest slots with merger

Parker's argument that if the new American were required to divest slots at DCA, then it would divest slots serving small communities is nice spin, but that wouldn't fly with the DOJ.

4 years ago