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The Pilot Shortage Is Real and Regional Airlines Are Feeling It

Call it a pilot shortage, attrition, a wage-rate problem, or a structural defect -- it all amounts to basically the same thing. Pilot recruitment is under stress, and will remain so until there are reforms.

2 years ago

California Airport Uses Passenger Pledges to Woo New Airline

Airlines insist on revenue guarantees to start service in a new airport, but Modesto airport is trying to woo a new airline by having passengers make pledges. Nice try, Modesto, but it will be an uphill battle.

2 years ago

What Happens When Commercial Air Service Returns to a Small U.S. Town

The last four months in Jamestown highlighted why small towns across the U.S. fear losing regular commercial air service during mergers: it makes it more expensive and time intensive to travel without regular service.

2 years ago

SkyWest Recruiting Pilots in Flight School As Regionals Scramble For Candidates

Regional airlines are already battling it out for pilot hires, and signing bonuses are part of the mix. SkyWest is identifying potential recruits in flight school to give the airline an edge.

3 years ago

Virgin Australia is spending money: Carrier buys stake in Tiger and offers $102 million for Skywest

The activity by Australian airlines and partners in Asia and the Middle East speak to the region's growing importance to global flight patterns and tourism and business activity.

4 years ago