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Microsoft Wants to Bring Travel Bots to Skype Messaging

We'll jump at the chance for automated expense reporting whenever we can and Microsoft's Cortana and Skype bots have potential to help travelers book trips. We just need to see whether travelers will trust bots as they've trusted their own booking capabilities in the past.

7 months ago

New Real-Time Translation Product for Skype Unveiled by Microsoft CEO

The world is moving closer to a vision of no language barriers -- enabled by technology -- and it will do wonders for increasing seamless travel around the globe.

2 years ago

Skype is Working on 3D Video Calls

3D screen technology will penetrate the TV and smartphone markets first and consumer interest in those still remain low. Skype is years away from introducing a product to the public.

3 years ago

Skype wins in UAE holdout with top telco allowing access for first time

Emiratis have found their way around Etisalat’s block for years, but it’s more prudent for the operator find a way to work with over-the-top Internet services rather than resist them and secure its own death.

4 years ago

Skype launches gift cards just in time for long-distance lovers

Skype’s gift cards could generate more revenue than Hotel Tonight's and Uber's recently launched and comparable credit programs because Skype is a much larger operation and due to immediacy of the video platform.

4 years ago

The Skype app for Windows smartphones decided it was so good you can’t turn it off

A major glitch in the preview release makes users constantly accessible to their contacts, even after they quit the app. This is especially cumbersome on Skype where contacts are spread across various time zones.

4 years ago

Skype starts offering Wi-Fi in the UK and adds partners to its classroom initiative

Although Skype’s usage continues to climb at expedient rates, partnerships, in place of product innovation, will keep Skype ahead of its competitors for only so long before younger companies capitalize on new technology.

4 years ago

Skype will quietly launch improved audio quality for video and audio calls

Besides better sound, Skype's new program will automatically adjust users' Internet connection from 3G to Wi-Fi to hopefully smooth Internet hiccups that cause stalled video chats.

4 years ago

Skype gets into vacation mode with iOS photo-sharing feature

Skype definitely deserves a spot on your "packing list" because in addition to calling features, the latest updates make photo-sharing a lot easier for business or leisure travelers on the go.

4 years ago

GroupMe pushes specialized group texting for travel planning

There is a ton of skepticism here about whether the startup, acquired by Microsoft/Skype, can really build a seamless, mobile, group-travel planning experience and whether or not people will care if it does.

4 years ago