Shutdown 2013: No Passports, Closed Museums and Other U.S. Shutdown Challenges

Anything that certain partisan Congressman can do to prevent the U.S. from instituting relatively sensible reforms that will bring about affordable healthcare for millions must be a win for someone. Right? Meanwhile: You better hope your passport hasn't expired.

Sequester Cuts May Push U.S. Air-Traffic Control System to Go Private

All the stakeholders -- minus members of congress -- want to get to NextGen improvements as soon as possible. If that means embracing a plan previously thought un-workable, so be it.

Wait Times at U.S. Airports Have Reached Record Highs

Welcome to America! Now get in line for a really, really long time.

Lawmakers surprised that FAA ends furloughs but still may close towers

FAA budget cut confusion continues with lawmakers pressing the agency to use the $253 million in last-minute funding to prevent 149 tower closures, a move that the FAA is reviewing this week.

Bad news about air delays ending: Airports don’t have money for improvement

Stop-gap solutions are not just temporary, getting to these solutions means money has to come from somewhere else, and that hurts those other desperately-needed projects as well.

Sequester grounds military jets for dozens of air shows

These air shows create jobs and benefit local economies, but as far as sequester-related budget cuts go, the loss of the air shows can't be put in the same category as furloughing air traffic controllers.

FAA air traffic furloughs: U.S. travel to be normal by Sunday night

A week's worth of delays and drama produced a quick resolution by Congress that was timed nicely to when the 500+ senators and members of congress had to fly home to their constituents.

FAA furloughs end after U.S. Congress relaxes the agency’s budget constraints

Politicians couldn’t bear the thought of their own flights getting delayed during next week’s recess, but we still have to ask why go through the pain of flight delays, job furloughs, and political jarring just to reallocate the appropriate funds one week later?

Senate approves last-minute bill to end air traffic furloughs

Always last minute with our political leaders these days, it seems. Another day, another short-term fix, but at least a fix.