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Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport Is Psyched About Its New Tesla Taxis

As the appropriately green-tied and iconically white-moustached Dutch gentleman says on the video: “It’s absolute progress.” For Tesla, at least.

2 years ago

Top 10 Most Popular Travel Brands on YouTube in May

Encourage your audience to revel in summer fun and dare them to broaden their cultural horizons.

2 years ago

What does Amsterdam’s airport know that Europe’s other airports don’t?

Amsterdam and the top-ranked Asian airports humanize the airport experience and remember to prioritize people in addition to airlines, governments, and a bottom line.

4 years ago

London Heathrow still reigns as Europe’s busiest airport, Istanbul sees greatest growth

A drop in Heathrow’s top status could have served as a much-needed wake up call to British legislators debating ways to remedy the airport’s limited capacity.

4 years ago

Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport’s new ad campaign: We’re Heathrow’s third runway

The British government's own intransigence over deciding the fate of a third runway at Heathrow or a new airport gives competing nearby airports and countries an opportunity to capitalize on their delay. Brilliant for Schiphol to start this new campaign.

4 years ago