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Routehappy CEO: Airlines, Like Coffee, Are Not a Commodity Business

The old joke in the airline business is travelers choose their flight based on three factors — price, price and price. But maybe that's not as true as some people thought.

4 weeks ago

TripAdvisor’s New Flights Product Seeks to Do for Airlines What It Did for Hotels

After years of relative neglect as big online players focused on hotels, companies such as TripAdvisor, Expedia and Google are investing in and giving new attention to flight products. Kicking and screaming, airlines may end up having to pay more attention to their customers.

3 months ago

Better In-Flight Wi-Fi Is Here, But What Are Your Odds for Getting It?

With odds like this, things are looking up for in-flight selfies.

9 months ago

State of Wi-Fi Report Shows Rapid Expansion of In-Flight Internet Service

Inflight Wi-Fi is slowly getting better, but your YouTube video stream is still a few years out.

9 months ago

Startups Stories Series: The Pivot to B2B Is Not the Promised Land

Travel startups pivoting from a consumer business toward a B2B focus is trendy, with founders and CEOs believing that there will be fewer marketing woes and reduced competition. But get in line when it comes to joining the droves of startups trying to sell to big corporations, hotels and travel agencies. The sales hurdle can be almost as intractable as the marketing roadblock.

1 year ago

Delta Wins Wi-Fi Bragging Rights Among U.S. Major Airlines

Outfitting aircraft with Wi-Fi is part of the battle. As Routehappy points out, the quality is still lacking with fewer than one percent of flights in the U.S. equipped with Wi-Fi that has the bandwidth to stream video.

2 years ago

Expedia Adds Ratings for Airline Seats and In-Flight Amenities

Wouldn't it be great if airlines one day had to respond to flyers' adverse ratings of their flights just as hotel management often does on user review sites such as TripAdvisor? The airline industry isn't close to that point yet.

2 years ago

Delta Keeps Pruning Website Distribution Relationships

Delta wants to control its customers' online and mobile experiences and to drive more traffic to Delta.com so it has parted ways with third-party websites that the airline can afford to cut ties with.

2 years ago

How to get side-by-side comparisons of in-flight features before you buy

Routehappy's flight amenity comparisons are a significant step forward for flight metasearch. You can expect larger competitors to follow with knock-off services, although there is a lot of research/heavy lifting involved.

3 years ago

Routehappy attracts $1.5 million in funding for flight amenities search engine

RouteHappy is bringing a level of data about flight amenties to masses of passengers that until now only the most avid aviation geeks would have been aware of. RouteHappy's challenge is to see how much consumers really care about flight amenities as they vary aircraft to aircraft.

4 years ago