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American Airlines Retirees Protest Travel Benefits Downgrade

American Airlines' retirees are becoming a casualty of the merger with US Airways. There is a balancing act of interests going on, and retirees are being let down.

2 years ago

Jamaica pins economic growth on return of expat retirees

Fewer Jamaican nationals are finding their way back home to the chagrin of the government since the financial impact of their return is said to be as important to the island’s economy as tourism.

4 years ago

Senior travelers find retirement much more fun on the road and in foreign homestays

These retirees are adapting to the tech age and using homestay websites to find shelter and iPhones to communicate with family while exploring the world beyond a Floridian golf course.

4 years ago

Rather than flock south for the winter, U.S. retirees are relocating to winter wonderlands

A nascent trend suggests some baby boomers prefer to remember the past by reliving the simple lifestyles of their childhood in small ski towns, not remind themselves with their aging generation.

4 years ago

Weekend Read: What’s driving Americans to retire abroad?

Americans' confidence in their ability to afford a comfortable retirement in their own country is at all-time low. Financial pressures are the biggest reason for this retire-abroad increase.

4 years ago

Philippines pushes for retirees to settle in the country to boost economy

A slew of countries are now pushing to lure European and U.S. retirees as the economies falter in the Western world. Of course Thailand has been doing that forever.

4 years ago