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Democratic Delegates Cramming Philadelphia Hotel Rooms as Rates Soar

We'd bet there are plenty of Democratic convention delegates staying in apartment and home rentals in Philly next week while many are sharing hotel rooms. Has the sharing economy made hotels soften their rates? Not much evidence of it yet.

3 months ago

First Look at the Exclusive Rates Hilton Wrested From Expedia

Rate parity and most-favored nation provisions are slowly fading as Marriott and Hilton offer lower rates to new and existing loyalty program members on their own sites than Expedia and Booking.com can. Don't underplay the power of a several-dollar discount in the race toward bolstering loyalty-program rosters through the lure of bottom-of-the-heap pricing.

9 months ago

The Nightly Pricing Habits of Airbnb and HomeAway Hosts

Short-term rental hosts, in many cases, haven't become as adept as hotels in knowing how and when to change their average daily rates but you can bet that won't be the story for much longer.

1 year ago

8 Charts That Show the Outlook for Global Airfares and Hotel Rates in 2016

Emerging economies will grow faster than advanced economies during 2016 and that has several implications for the cost of travel.

1 year ago

FAQ on New Rules for European Hotel Rates: How Booking Sites Could Feel Pain

Over the long term, the new limited rate-parity rules in Europe could help hotels generate more bookings from their own direct channels, including over the phone. However, don't write off the online travel agencies just yet. They still hold a lot of the cards.

1 year ago

Why Travelers Don’t Care That U.S. Hotels Are More Expensive This Summer

More time is spent in the hotel room than between two people on an airplane anyway, so it makes sense that travelers are willing to pay more for the hotel experience they want.

1 year ago

Cities in the U.S. Struggle to Improve Weekend Hotel Bookings

Most of the revenue per available room across these markets came from weekday nights, although smaller markets like Miami, Nashville and New Orleans got most of their revenue from weekends.

2 years ago

Punta Cana Beats London for Most Expensive Hotels for U.S. Travelers in 2014

Some Latin American destinations had the highest room rates in the world last year, although the growth of rates slowed for the regional as a whole despite the presence of the World Cup in Brazil.

2 years ago

Travel Startup Smart Host Aims to Bring Flexible Pricing to Vacation Rentals

Whether it is Smart Host, another startup or one of the established players, the short-term rental industry is ripe for disruption in so many areas and someone is going to deliver on the dynamic pricing premise.

2 years ago

Hotels Prepare for Highest Occupancy Levels in 20 Years

Expect room rates to rise in the U.S. in 2015, and that is likely to spur demand for midscale and economy chains.

2 years ago

Choice Hotels To Soon Decide Fate of Money-Losing Subsidiary

Choice Hotels had an asset, its own property management system, and decided in 2013 to offer the solution to unaffiliated hotels, but it is always a tough sell for one brand to attempt to sell services to competitors, as Choice is finding out.

2 years ago

Florida Hotel Rates Rise Along With Consumer Confidence

Upscale hotels, those considered a step below "luxury" are leading the way in the Orlando area.

2 years ago