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Qatar Airways’ Rocky Relationship With Airbus May Impact Large Aircraft Order

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker doesn't mince words and he may sting Airbus, after being exasperated with delivery delays, by switching at least part of a pending, big aircraft order to Boeing. In a highly competitive airline market, Qatar wants to get its fleet younger.

2 months ago

Qatar’s International Airport Adds a New Fee for Passengers

In years past Qatar would have just thrown some oil money around rather than added a fee. This a early sign that Gulf carriers, and the supportive transportation infrastructure supporting their growth, will spend less.

2 months ago

Qatar Airways Profits Rose as it Added 13 Destinations in 2016

In fiscal 2016, Qatar Airways added 13 destinations, including Atlanta, which didn't make Delta very happy.

4 months ago

Qatar CEO Blasts ‘Wicked’ Delta Actions for Ruining First Atlanta Flight

This is not a shining moment for Delta as it killed its sponsorship of a hometown Atlanta theater for hosting a Qatar event and now is accused of obstructing Qatar's maiden Atlanta flight, although Delta denies it.

5 months ago

Qatar Reportedly in Talks to Buy Starwood’s St. Regis Hotels in New York and San Francisco

Selling off two of its most prized and iconic properties will help Starwood in its asset-light pursuit as it prepares to merge with Marriott by mid-year.

6 months ago

The Airline That Designed an Airport to Improve the Passenger Experience

Not many airlines have the luxury of designing an entire airport around their brand, but there is a lot airlines can do to design a seamless ground experience for their passengers nonetheless.

1 year ago

The Persian Gulf Will Be the World’s Next Big Convention Destination

While there's significant interest among U.S. associations to organize conventions in the Arabian Middle East, only one third have done so due to a young regional industry in the Gulf still learning how to engage Western convention planners.

1 year ago

Qatar Air Threatens to Exit OneWorld Alliance

Is Akbar Al Baker of Qatar becoming a Michael O'Leary of the Middle East? Al Baker doesn't shy away from calling out manufacturers for subpar products and he's telling OneWorld to go shove it if a settlement with rivals can't reached.

1 year ago

Alitalia Widens Split Among European Airlines Over Gulf Rivals

Gulf carrier investments in European airlines ensure there will be varied voices in Europe over increasing competitive pressures from the Gulf.

2 years ago

WikiLeaks Disclosure Shows U.S. Airlines Received Billions in Subsidies

Missing in action in the U.S. airlines' report about the Gulf carriers' subsidies was transparency about the U.S. airlines' own subsidies. Although the congressional report is very dated, the Business Travel Coaltion, via WikiLeaks, is helping to fill in some of the blanks.

2 years ago

Qatar World Cup Organizers Downplay Effect of Heat and Worker Deaths

Qatar will continue to push the positive impacts of the games as it builds towards both the event and general tourism growth with hopes that time will erase memory of any transgressions.

2 years ago

The Foreign Faces Behind Qatar’s Hospitality Workforce

Travelers in many global cities complain that it's difficult to meet locals in their interactions with hotel, tour or transportation staff; however, having a truly global view means traveling by means of meeting someone new, no matter the location.

2 years ago