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Qatar Airways Places Major Order with Boeing

This is not the biggest aircraft order of all time, but you have to give Qatar Airways credit for the stagecraft. The Washington political class hasn't exactly been a great friend to the airline, but the carrier nonetheless made the announcement inside the Beltway. It even included a senior State Department official.

3 weeks ago

Winners and Losers of Summer Travel 2016

In other words: Summer is over. But it had some bright spots.

2 months ago

Qatar Airways Again Raises Its Stake in British Airways Owner IAG

IAG stock is relatively cheap now so, it makes sense that Qatar Airways took this chance to add to its shares in the company.

3 months ago

Qatar Airways Wants a Small Stake in Latam Airlines

Qatar Airways wants a piece of Latam as it struggles with decreased air travel demand in South America.

4 months ago

U.S. Airlines Set to Lose Major Battle Against Gulf Carriers in Open Skies Debate

Delta, United, and American wanted the U.S. State Department to take unprecedented action against Emirates, Etihad Airways, and Qatar Airways. But the government didn't opt for a brash approach. This may well be the beginning of the end of the complaints.

4 months ago

The World’s Latest Longest Scheduled Flight Is Getting a Bigger Plane

The Gulf region continues its growth as the world's most well-placed airport hub.

4 months ago

The EU Pushes Back Against Gulf Carrier Subsidies

Now it's Europe's turn to bang the drum against unfair competition by the Persian Gulf carriers.

5 months ago

Qatar Air CEO Is Happy With His Carrier’s Current Stake in British Airways’ Owner

If not for Europe's limits on foreign ownership, Qatar Airways and other gulf carriers would undoubtedly have an even larger presence across the continent.

5 months ago

Qatar Airways Is Using Jennifer Lopez to Annoy Delta Air Lines

With CEO Richard Anderson leaving Delta soon, we expect that the fury directed at the Gulf carriers will decline significantly.

5 months ago

Qatar Airways Increases Stake Again in British Airways Parent Company

The IAG investment helps Qatar Airways diversify at a time when some recently popular routes in and out of oil-friendly destinations are beginning to dry up.

5 months ago

Qatar Air Increases Its Stake in British Airways Owner IAG

Until the Open Skies debacle gets resolved, Qatar Airways' stake in IAG, particularly for its North American routes, is its way to benefit from lucrative transatlantic routes.

6 months ago

To Attract More Premium Passengers, Asian and Middle East Airlines Raise the Bar on In-Flight Meals

Gourmet meals for first-class and business-class flyers are nothing new, but these airlines are taking their offerings to new heights in an effort to win over hungry, big-spending, and food-minded flyers.

6 months ago