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The Magic of Historical Data: Understanding Consumer Habits And Profiting From It

Adara is a global leader in helping consumer brands find new customers using advanced precision-targeting technology powered by big data sourced from the world's leading travel and hospitality companies. To learn more visit AdaraGlobal.com

2 years ago

North America Is the Most Profitable Aviation Region, Go Figure

As the CEOs of major U.S. airlines predicted, consolidation has done wonders for the bottom line.

3 years ago

More Flyers and Higher Fares Boost United’s 4Q Profit to $140 Million

United's 4Q profits completely turned around in one year in part to higher fares, but also higher ancillary revenue, which jumped 15 percent to almost $21 per passenger last quarter.

3 years ago

Slow Growth in Emerging Markets Lead Airlines to Cut 2013 Profit Forecast

While the forecast drop looks like bad news, it's still a good year for airlines. If you can make money when business begins to slow, you're in good shape.

3 years ago

The airline business is a lousy one, airline industry study shows

IATA's numbers provide a fresh look at an under-performing industry, and the parameters of its proposed solutions are very predictable -- less taxation and weaker regulation.

3 years ago

Global airline profit forecast bumped upwards 20 percent this year

Lower oil prices and cost-cutting contributed to the more profitable forecast, and fee revenue increasing to 5 percent of total revenue doesn't hurt, either.

3 years ago

China’s three state-owned airlines saw significant profit drops in 2012

Chinese airlines carried more passengers in 2011, but rising fuel costs mandated by a state monopoly and paid for in dollars after being earned in yuan undermined passenger gains.

4 years ago

Asia-Pacific airlines drive IATA’s increased airline profit forecast

The 1.3% increase in demand in mature-market North America pales in comparison to a contemplated 4.9% increase in passenger demand in Asia-Pacific.

4 years ago

Delta is the second-most profitable U.S. airline, but it is the king of bag fees

Fees for bags, reservation changes, and seat upgrades have finally made U.S. airlines profitable, but the traveling pubic still isn't sold on the a la carte fee system.

4 years ago