Articles tagged “pollution”

The Travel Industry Would Rather Not Talk About Sustainability

It's a shame that the travel industry hasn't taken a leadership role in limiting global pollution. The least companies can do is accurately report their pollution, and barely any even do that.

10 months ago

Travel Companies Are Reducing Carbon Output, But More Work Is Needed

Reduced pollution from travel companies is a good thing. But one has to to wonder about all the companies that are not self-reporting progress on carbon mitigation.

12 months ago

Caribbean Islands at Risk of Losing One of Their Most Popular Attractions

It will take investment to save the coral reef, but one that islands should undertake for the long-term sustainability of their tourism economy.

2 years ago

China Smog Insurance is Ctrip’s Latest Travel Product

Intense smog in China at tourist attractions such as the Forbidden City has reduced visitor numbers so Ctrip has wisely created a smog insurance product to dampen travelers' concerns. It's geared toward the domestic market for now, but perhaps it will be expanded.

3 years ago

France is Making Public Transit Free in Many Cities This Weekend to Battle Smog

Because of the air pollution, Paris in the Spring isn't seeming as romantic as usual.

3 years ago

FIFA to Fund Projects That Offset Environmental Impact of World Cup

The harmful environment impact of air travel is an issue that extends beyond global events to everyday aviation. The only difference is there's a party responsible for offsetting the gases.

3 years ago

China Smog Season Means Flight Cancellations and Not Much Sightseeing

The Chinese government has finally begun addressing the issue of pollution, which is at intolerable levels. It's not much of an enticement for visitors.

3 years ago

Beijing’s Highways and Airports Re-Open After Heavy Smog Forced Closure

There's an irony that China's growth is going to end up slowing its growth because people can no longer move about freely, or breathe freely for that matter.

3 years ago

UN Aviation Group Approves Carbon Emissions But Europe May Still Reject It

The ICAO's approval is a much-needed first step, but there is a long way to go before a global carbon emissions plan becomes reality.

3 years ago

Negotiators Meet to Decide on Global Emissions-Reduction Rules for Airlines

We shouldn't expect anything nearly as aggressive as the shuttered EU rules, or anything that could slow growth in emerging markets whatsoever.

3 years ago

Seattle Airport Passengers Get Cleaner Air Via New System for Aircraft

Enivironmentally friendly initiatives such as this new air-quality system for aircraft and passengers at Sea-Tac are not only good for the environment, but they are money-savers too.

3 years ago

China’s Air Pollution Hurting Tourism As International Visits in Decline

Only economic pain will make Chinese government move, environment in general has been the least of its concerns so far. Tourism decline may be one to inflict the most severe economic damage, so here's to hoping.

3 years ago