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Cheap Airfares are About to Vanish as U.S. Airlines Tighten Capacity

Airfares don't feel particularly cheap -- anecdotally speaking -- but things can always get worse (from a consumer perspective). Next week will punctuate where airfares are heading as United and American report their third quarter results.

1 week ago

JetBlue Is Training Pilots Without Any Previous Flying Experience

It seems odd that an airline would train prospective pilots with absolutely no experience flying an aircraft. But while that's unusual for the United States, airlines in the rest of the world have used this approach for years. It works well.

3 weeks ago

iPad Apps a Factor in Steep Decline in Fatal Private Plane Crashes

Better technology, including the availability of mobile weather and other apps for pilots, is a contributing factor in a drop in fatalities in private plane crashes. Assuredly there are other factors behind the decline but getting better apps into the hands of pilots and co-pilots, and reducing paperwork so they can concentrate on flying the plane, is definitely a positive development.

2 months ago

Southwest Unions Call For The CEO’s Head — Skift Business Traveler

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly is dismissing union calls for his ouster but if profits slip, or there is another major tech outage, then the CEO's future will get more interesting.

3 months ago

Even As Pilot Pay Increases, U.S. Airlines Fear Pilot Shortage

For years, regional airlines paid young pilots low wages. That spurred short-term economic returns, but it may have kept some potential pilots from pursuing an airline career. That means fewer pilots are in the pipeline.

4 months ago

The FAA Says Airline Pilots Don’t Need Psychological Testing

The FAA is hoping that pilots will self-report on any mental health issues, even though history shows they will be unlikely to do so.

5 months ago

Watchdog Says U.S. Transport Department Falls Short Ensuring Pilot Skills

The push and pull between airlines and the FAA is not turning out to be the kind of conflict that generates better ideas in the end. It's the kind where things just don't get done well.

10 months ago

Delta’s Pilots Say It’s Their Turn To Cash In

After two years in a row of record-setting profits at Delta, the airline's pilots want to make up for the sacrifices they made since Delta went bankrupt in 2005. If a rising tide lifts all ships, Delta's pilots think it is their turn to hop on board.

10 months ago

United Pilots To Get 13 Percent Pay Hikes in 2016 if They Approve Contract

United and Wall Street covet labor peace foe the airline, and a rank-and-file-approved pilot contract would go a long way toward achieving it.

10 months ago

Cathay Pacific Fined $547,000 for Pilot Pay Practices in France

Cathay Pacific admits that its pay practices didn't keep up with changes in French law over the years. Sounds like the airline fell asleep at the wheel, so to speak.

10 months ago

JetBlue Wants to Hire, Then Train a New Generation of Pilots

It may not be a response to the pilot shortage as JetBlue is saying, but it's certainly a smart solution to the pilot shortage.

11 months ago

Air France Pilots Won’t Budge, So The Airline Will Cut Flights and Routes

Air France has chosen the nuclear option in its conflict with its pilots.

1 year ago