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Suddenly, Apple seems vulnerable in its digital dominance

While not directly in travel transactions, Apple influences consumer travel decisions and in-market travel habits in a big way, and travel companies large and small have to recalibrate their long term strategies to respond to a possible decline curve for Apple and the ecosystem.

4 years ago

American Airlines likes Apple Passbook so far and is considering new features

American Airlines believes Passbook has lived up to the hype, and is smart to consider additional at-the-airport features, such as seat-upgrade and gate-change information integrated with Passbook.

4 years ago

How Apple’s Passbook falls short of one user’s high expectations

Although the initial response has been positive, this user found the app still needed work to provide a seamless and simple process for downloading apps, finding boarding passes, and fitting on the iPhone 5’s larger screen.

4 years ago

Apple Passbook: United, Lufthansa & AA out of the gate on time with mobile boarding passes

United's and Lufthansa's first-mover advantage with Passbook support in iOS 6 will be very short-lived as other airlines will undoubtedly be joining the party in the coming days.

4 years ago

Delta and American are on board with Apple’s new Passbook, but why?

A lot of airline passengers have iPhones and some will undoubtedly use Passbook. Delta and American want to be where the customers are.

4 years ago

A step towards iTravel? Delta and American Airlines confirm support for Apple Passbook

It looks like Apple Passbook in iOS 6 will get some big traction from airlines for mobile boarding passes. If Apple goes ahead eventually with a full-fledged iTravel offering, then that could be a different story entirely.

4 years ago