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Emirates Presses Pause on Panama Hub Plan Until More Agreements in Place

Fitting that the country which connecting the world via its canal may now connect Latin America with some of the world's fastest growing markets by air.

7 months ago

Behind Ace Hotel’s Development of Its First Luxury Property

The American Trade Hotel in Panama City mixes the Ace group's penchant for local craft and community with a new brand's fresh take on global urban luxury.

2 years ago

Panama Just Unveiled Central America’s First Subway System

Considering that transit systems always cost so much more than originally budgeted, Panama's outgoing president shouldn't be criticized for the over spending. Plus, it's refreshing to see a leader spend crazy amounts on something for the public good.

3 years ago

Historical Anniversaries Will Bring Visitors to France and Panama in 2014

Anniversaries are a call to action for travelers looking to explore a destination in the context of a certain event. They also attract history buffs from around the world.

3 years ago

The enormous changes that have radically transformed Panama City

The capital city is indeed moving fast into the future, but the country needs to do more so that the rest of the nation isn't left behind.

3 years ago

Panama on double-digit boomtime growth; air travel up 22 percent

Asian travel growth gets all the media attention, but South America's booming too, from a much lower base.

4 years ago

Trump hotels looks to expand brand in Latin America after success in Panama

For a luxury brand with only a handful of properties, Trump talks a big game. But then again, talk is what Trump specializes in.

4 years ago