Russia’s Ostrovok Adds Airbnb, Makes Misleading ‘Biggest’ Claim

In the short term, we'll probably see a divide between the booking (Ostrovok.ru) and metasearch sites (Hipmunk) that will partner with Airbnb, and the more conservative ones that won't. The holdouts will eventually come around.

Booking Sites in Russia Losing Ground Over the Trust Issue

Russians are traveling and coming online, although the economic crisis and Ukraine volatility is relegating much of their wanderings to domestic trips.

CEOs of Russian Booking Sites Are More Worried About the Ruble Than Crimea

Online travel agencies, hotel booking sites and metasearch players in Russia will survive the turmoil in Ukraine and Crimea, but the ruble crisis will take its toll.

The Top 31 Most Heavily Venture-Funded Startups In Travel

The global travel industry is going through a lot of disruption, and the biggest sectors include the sharing economy and ground transportation, as well as one large potential winner in the hotel booking sector.

Russian hotel-booking giant Ostrovok tries to find its footing after slashing staff

Don't write off Ostrovok yet, but clearly the Russia hotel site faces some huge challenges from Booking.com and the nature of the Russian market.

Russian booking site Ostrovok gets $25 million funding in Russian-American pact

With only about 8% of hotel bookings in Russia taking place online, Ostrovok and its peers have epic room for growth.

Russia’s Ostrovok besting Expedia in hotel booking choices

Booking.com has built its success on the pay-at-the-hotel model, and if more online travel agencies such as Ostrovok and Expedia transition to hybrid models, it will be interesting to see if that forces Booking.com to make changes of its own.