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The Rise of the Tourism Business Improvement District

Expect this new funding model for tourism promotion to continue to expand, especially as more travel and hotel executives understand the value for their specific companies.

1 year ago

The UK Airport Company That’s Building Better Lounges in the U.S.

Better independent lounges are taking over the space once controlled by airlines and frequent travelers couldn't be happier.

1 year ago

San Francisco Bike-Share Program to Get Thousands More Cycles

Looking forward to the smug student who raises $30 million from Bay Area VC firms to launch an app that will find underemployed contract workers who will retrieve, then return the bikes for you because you're too important to do that.

1 year ago

Interview: How a First Time CEO Fixed a Totally Broken Oakland Tourism Board

Due to a confluence of rising rents in neighboring San Francisco and Berkeley, the area of West Oakland is evolving into the "Brooklyn by the Bay"—but don't actually say that in Oakland.

2 years ago

Oakland Airport Expected to Open Direct Link to City Rail in Fall 2014

Connecting the airport directly to the Bay Area's rail system has been a pipe dream since the 1970's, but today these are the basic type of connections that travelers have come to expect from their cities.

3 years ago