Tension Between South Korea and China Is Hurting Tourism

The economies of China rivals South Korea and Taiwan are reliant on spending from Chinese travelers.

5 Reasons That Flying Air Koryo, the World’s Worst Airline, Isn’t All That Bad

North Korea's in a unique position as it tries to grow its tourism arrivals. Travelers want to see the isolation and oddities and are willing to extend that fascination to the plane ride into the country.

North Korea Is Wooing Tourists But It’s Still Paranoid About Security

Just like visiting the Soviet Union in the 1980s, but with worse food and none of the whimsy.

North Korea Is Getting Its First Low-Cost Carrier

Pyongyang’s Airport Internet Lounge Has Everything But the Internet

Who needs the Internet when you have a chocolate fountain?

North Korea Pins Latest Tourism Hopes on Becoming a Surfing Hot Spot

Something tells us Kim Jong-un is highly proficient at harshing the mellow of even the most chill of surfers.

North Korea Is Very Excited About Its New Pyongyang Airport Terminal

At least it won't be crowded.

North Korean Tourism Officials Really Want to Please Kim Jong Un This Year

This is likely one destination where living like a local is very low on the tourist's itinerary.

North Korea Drops Its Ebola Travel Restrictions

A newly open North Korea isn't going to hurt tourism anywhere else in the region.

North Korea Bars Marathon Tourists From Pyongyang Race

The marathon was the only event that got visitors even slightly excited about Pyongyang. It's clear the government is using Ebola as cover for bigger issues. Because they have plenty.