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Newark, New Jersey’s Largest City, Hopes to Legalize Airbnb Today

To say that Newark comes to this fight as the weaker party is an understatement. If the city wants to do more than just collect taxes and begin regulating short-term rentals, however, it might want to take a good look at a recent San Francisco city report that shows just how complicated that endeavor can be.

7 months ago

New Jersey Continues to Attract More Tourists While Atlantic City Flounders

While tourism is growing in New Jersey, demand for travel to Atlantic City is still weak.

8 months ago

New Jersey Governor Doesn’t Want Cuba Flights Until Political Extradition

We're certain politicians on the Cuban side have similar demands.

1 year ago

New Jersey Looks to Agritourism to Revitalize Farming Industry

A smart move on every level for a state like New Jersey that has worn out its current tourist attractions.

1 year ago

United Airline’s New Jersey Political Drama Expands to Atlantic City

This drama involves all the parties that make transport a challenge in New York and New Jersey — United, Atlantic City, Newark, and the Christie administration. In a perfect world there would be Dreamliner's worth of indictments to go around.

1 year ago

U.S.’s Most Used Rail Line to Suffer for Years, Even if Money for Tunnel Found

Throw New Jersey politics into the mix with anything and any hope or promise is surely doomed.

1 year ago

Denver International Airport Is a Lesson in Infrastructure Investments

Build for the future, not the problems of the present.

1 year ago

Jersey Shore’s Recovery Prioritizes Tourism Over Homeowners

Beaches, roads and coastal attractions were repaired as quickly as possible so many visitors arriving for the holiday weekend will be unaware of the construction still underway.

1 year ago

New Jersey Political Leaders Call for New Rail Tunnel to New York City

This makes perfect sense for any of the millions of people that routinely use Amtrak to travel along the northeast corridor. But making sense in the real world doesn't usually make sense in New Jersey politics.

2 years ago

NJ Governor Gives Non-Gambling Businesses Incentive to Move to Atlantic City

Casinos and clubs have struggled in Atlantic City for close to a decade making Christie's efforts to reform the area tardy and insufficient.

2 years ago

NJ Governor Is Already Looking for Ways to Revive AC’s Tourism Economy

Governor Christie should consider tourism sectors outside of gaming when looking for ways to employ the thousands who lost their jobs during Atlantic City's demise.

2 years ago

Atlantic City Will Soon Disappear Alongside Its Casino Economy

Atlantic City can't survive without its gaming economy, which is slowing moving to more metropolitan U.S. cities and overseas. It's unlikely another industry will be able to fill its void.

2 years ago