Myanmar Earthquake Damages Scores of Bagan Temples

The lack of a UNESCO designation may seem like a slight for now, but nations not ready to deal with the influx of visitors such a label can bring can often be poorer for it.

Myanmar’s Journey From Police State to Luxury Travel Hot Spot

We'd like to see a more thoughtful approach to tourism beyond the singular focus on the luxury market, as they tend to be rather fickle.

Singapore Association Wins $1.4 Billion Contract to Build Myanmar Airport

The new airport will be located 55 km further from the center city but increase capacity tenfold signaling an influx of jobs and tourism dollars for Yangon's future.

Hilton to Open 5 More Hotels in Myanmar

Myanmar's tourism growth has outpaced infrastructure development giving global hotel brands an opportunity to still plant roots in the new destination.

Tourists to Myanmar to More than Double in Two Years

Myanmar had less than 500,000 tourists in 2012, but the allure of visiting a newly opened and previously unseen country has drawn travelers from around the world. Such rapid growth can have harmful side effects, which mandates the government quickly create infrastructure for a booming tourism economy.

Myanmar Bans Further Hotel Construction in Bagan to Protect Temples

The opening of Myanmar has brought with it an influx of visitors but not an incredible amount of strategic planning.

Myanmar Tries to Grow By Leasing Jets for Its National Airline

Myanmar needs to demonstrate it can handle its new visitors, and since it can't handle it on its own turning to a third party is its best option.

Pinterest’s Top Pins Show Contrast Between Travelers’ Fantasies and Realities

Pinterest's list of travel destinations represents where travelers wish to go while lists of check-ins and photos from other social networks show where they've gone. The difference in the types of places on each lists highlights the differences in travelers' fantasies and realities.

Myanmar Moves One Step Closer to Better Credit Card and ATM Access for Travelers

This is primarily about access in the capital city Naypyidaw. Outside of its city limits, visitors are still with much the same infrastructure that was in place before the country's nominal reforms.