Brazil’s Currency Woes Are Good News for U.S. Plastic Surgery Tourists

We've always held a firm belief that while going abroad for essential yet expensive medical procedures is a good solution to the U.S. health care crisis, plastic surgery tourism is almost always a risky exercise in vanity.

5 New Travel Startups Making Medical Tourism More Accessible

Getting medical care abroad is a growing trend fanning out across the world and destinations should know what their medical fortes are if they plan to be part of welcoming this rising wave of medical tourists.

Japan Firm Wants a Chunk of $55 Billion Medical Tourism Market

Medical tourism can have its dark side, as well, a shown by several recent deaths in the Dominican Republic related to plastic surgery and tourists who died after procedures.

Mexico Cracks Down on Medical Tourism After Patient Death

Baja California has a solid record providing medical care -- dental, plastic surgery, hip replacements -- mainly for American medical tourists with crap insurance. Some clinics don't do as well as the others.

CNN Documentary Shows Medical Tourism in Thailand is a Serious Business

Bumrungrad hospital in Thailand is perhaps the shining star of affordable, foreign hospitals for medical tourists seeking treatment although most foreign hospitals aren't at the same caliber yet and may not always be a cheaper option than U.S. hospitals.

Thailand’s Booming Medical Tourism Market Bolsters Rebounding Economy

While Thailand has legitimate medical services for people with real needs, it's vanity that it's betting on the most. Recent deaths on the plastic surgeon's table and one of the most ham-fisted tourism promotions -- also plastic surgery related -- hasn't swayed the desperate.

Dubai Now Wants to Be the Capital of Medical Tourism

The combination of quality medical care and generous visa policies is a smart move by Dubai authorities.

Dubai Adds Medical Tourism to Its Growing List of Attractions

Well, medical tourism is a lot more interesting (and helpful) than indoor skiing in the middle east.

Houston Hospitals Decry Restrictions on Wealthy Medical Tourists

Yes, the TSA may be hassling potential patients, but Houston and other U.S. medical tourism destinations are also dealing with competition from other destinations with advanced medical care.

Chinese Tourists Spark Growth of Global Medical Tourism Market

Chinese tourists are fueling tourism growth worldwide, but medical tourism is particularly lucrative since visitors are likely to spend more and stay longer than the average tourists.