Experts Try New Type of Analysis to Redefine Malaysia Airlines Flight Search Zone

Experts are already plotting the next search area for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 but as the 3-year anniversary of when the flight went missing approaches, it isn't clear that there is the will to come up with additional funding for the search. We hope that the countries involved do keep the search going to resolve what happened to the doomed jet.

Malaysia Airlines Hires Third CEO in Two Years as Turnaround Bid Continues

The struggling airline is once again earning a profit, but has yet to find a long-term solution to its senior management woes.

Malaysia Airlines CEO Announces Departure Less Than One Year In

Mueller had made solid gains in his short time at the airline. Malaysia Air would do well to find someone just like him.

Embattled Malaysia Airlines Sees First Monthly Profit in Years

Multiple tragedies and poor management have meant tough times for Malaysia Airlines these past few years, but it looks like the national carrier may be able to turn itself around by 2018.

2 Years After MH 370 Disappearance, Malaysia Airlines Is Finding Its Way

After a double tragedy Malaysia Air couldn't take half measures to save itself. It appears that it didn't.

Skyscanner’s First Venture Funding Since 2007 Came After Priceline Took A Look

With Skyscanner's new funding and ample cash, the company sees itself as an acquirer over the next few months. Skyscanner believes a few modest acquisitions, increased marketing, and continued organic growth should do the trick. There won't be any quick, easy answers as this looks like a strategy for the long haul.

Skyscanner Raises $192 Million in Funding at $1.6 Billion Valuation

Skyscanner has more or less been a bootstrapper in metasearch, growing mostly organically and profitably for the last seven years. But its challenge has been how to get to the next level. It's unclear how much of a difference this latest funding round will make since a chunk of it will be used as a payout to existing investors.

Search for Missing Malaysia Air Flight Shifts Focus Once Again

It's not clear that aircraft are any safer following the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines' Flight 370 more than a year and a half ago, and the continued search efforts should remind the industry to simultaneously strengthen security and tracking on planes.

Wing Fragment Is From Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Say Experts

It would have been great if the airlines had made more progress on a flight tracking system over this last year.

Debris Matching Missing Malaysia Air Aircraft Type Found in Indian Ocean

We'll wait to see what the researchers have to say.