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Lufthansa to Double Eurowings Fleet Size to Compete With Ryanair, EasyJet

Lufthansa's flurry of deals with Germanwings and Brussels Airlines enables Lufthansa -- in theory, at least -- to get around union opposition to Eurowings' expansion. Can Eurowings really compete with Ryanair, EasyJet and Norwegian? We'll see if parent Lufthansa really has the chops to do it.

4 weeks ago

Air Berlin, in Financial Peril, May Send 40 Aircraft to a Competitor

Etihad, which owns 29 percent of Air Berlin, may have finally decided it no longer wants to subsidize mounting losses. If this deal happens, Air Berlin will still be around, but at a more manageable size.

4 weeks ago

TSA Precheck Expands to Lufthansa Passengers Headed to Europe

TSA Precheck subscribers can now access expedited lines when flying on Lufthansa.

2 months ago

Lufthansa and Air China Finalizing First Joint Venture Between a European and Chinese Carrier

Lufthansa is already one of the world's largest airlines and its new deal with Air China makes its reach and influence even larger as it taps into the world's largest outbound travel market.

2 months ago

Speedy Wi-Fi Is Finally Coming to European Short-Haul Flights

European airlines had long believed they did not need in-flight Wi-Fi for shorter routes. But they've finally realized passengers want to be connected constantly.

2 months ago

Lufthansa CEO: ‘Market Volatility Has Become Huge’

Europe's airlines are resilient, but they may not be able may not be able to withstand the twin shocks of Brexit and terrorism.

2 months ago

Want to Book an Airbnb ‘Room’ on a Plane? Lufthansa Makes It Possible

Give Lufthansa credit for an intriguing new promotion. But for passengers, this is not that great of a deal.

3 months ago

Fearing Terrorism, Coups and Brexit Now Means Europeans Fly Less

U.S. airlines might be reporting near record profits, but that's not the case in Europe, where travelers are fearful.

3 months ago

Lufthansa Surprise CFO Exit at Critical Time Creates Concerns

Lufthansa is renowned for having its succession act together so the abrupt departure of its CFO, one of the few female executives at large Germany companies, amounts to a punch in the stomach for investors.

5 months ago

Lufthansa Is Latest Airline to Suspend All Flights to Venezuela

There's no real advantage for any airline to stick around, but do expect them to rush back in when the current leadership goes away.

5 months ago

Lufthansa’s Growth Plans Are in Trouble Because It Can’t Hire Enough Flight Attendants

Low unemployment sounds like a good problem, unless you're an airline looking to add routes and hire more flight attendants. Lufthansa is going to have to get creative — or resolve contract issues with the union.

5 months ago

Lufthansa Wants to Combine Brussels Airlines With Eurowings

Lufthansa is looking to increase its presence among Europe's low-cost carriers.

6 months ago