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The Flourishing Gastro-Tourism Trail of Lima, Peru

Turning a destination into a spot on the world's gourmet map is one of the easier ways to attract visitors, but destinations need to know how to stay out of the way and provide an atmosphere that's good for culinary creativity.

2 years ago

Hotel design literally frames the Pacific Ocean along the Peruvian coast

The most remarkable hotel designs are often never built, but their creation is integral to the development of realistic hotel design, even if aspects of each unique idea can only be implemented one at a time.

3 years ago

Peru’s tourist demand is surging, and Hilton and Marriott want to be ready

Lima will be the primary beneficiary of the investments, but these hotel brands and others also see the benefits of spreading out to meet demand across Peru.

4 years ago

Checking in on Lima, Peru’s delicious restaurant revolution

Despite being an afterthought to international travelers for decades, Peru has the right mix of natural resources -- the sea and its climate -- and globe-trotting talent to make it an essential stop on any gourmand's itinerary.

4 years ago