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Winners and Losers of Summer Travel 2016

In other words: Summer is over. But it had some bright spots.

1 month ago

New York Airports Threaten to Remove TSA in Favor of Alternate Screeners

The best chance of solving the TSA staffing issue is the U.S. House approving additional funds to pay overtime for TSA workers. But the truth is that more airports should experiment with alternative security staffing, like the New York Port Authority has threatened to do.

5 months ago

New LaGuardia Flying Rules Could Make New York Airport a Boon For Transcontinental Travelers

Despite the competitive airline posturing, long haul flights out of LaGuardia could be good for most.

1 year ago

The 6 Big Players in the $4 Billion LaGuardia Rehabilitation Plan

As we said before and will say again many times in the upcoming years: We will believe it when we see it.

1 year ago

Dallas Love Field Is Even Worse Than LaGuardia Says Virgin America

Everything's bigger in Texas. Especially the screwups.

1 year ago

What Will It Take to Bring U.S. Airports Into the Future? Only $4

Airlines would strongly disagree with all of this. In fairness, airlines have their own cost burdens to tackle. But an extra $4 each way is hardly the worst air travel fee we’ve come across. Especially since their ancillary fees are one giant tax dodge.

1 year ago

Workers at Two New York Airports Vote to Strike Today

Contractors let the airports save a few bucks, but it means they are less safe than they would be if workers had decent pay and benefits.

1 year ago

Surprise: Even the Experts Think That LaGuardia Airport Is Terrible

We've visited many wonderful airports in the last few years and LaGuardia isn't one of them.

1 year ago

American Airlines President Regrets Not Fighting Harder Over Dallas Love Field

You can't always get what you want. American Airlines president thinks the airline handed Southwest a monopoly when American gave up its two gates at Dallas Love Field. And that merger concession, right in American's backyard, still rankles.

2 years ago

New York City Transport Hubs Still a Mess After Failures by Governors and Legislatures

The message from the governors and legislators is clear: Transportation hubs in the U.S.'s largest metro area must remain a mess in order to have high-paying jobs to dole out to woefully incompetent and corrupt political cronies.

2 years ago

The Company That Wants to Bring New York Airports Back to Their Former Glory

A global transformation has taken place at airports turning previously stark hubs into mini-cities with local food and shopping options. The mix of political and commercial stakeholders in charge of New York City airports has slowed its similar progress; however, all parties are now realizing the importance in quickly improving the flyer experience.

2 years ago

New York City Airports Introduce Free 30-Minute Wi-Fi for Flyers

This Wi-Fi roll-out is standard for international airports but a major improvement for New York City airports, which are known as some of the worst in the country.

2 years ago