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Want to Buy an Airline Brand? Kingfisher Is up for Sale, Minus the Planes

OK, so it's not Pan Am. Or even Eastern. And there are complications with the beer of the same name. On second thought ...

3 years ago

Kingfisher aircraft leasing dispute could impact all Indian airlines

Repossessing aircraft leased to Kingfisher would seem like a simple matter. But Indian courts could stand in the way, and this development could impact future leasing deals for other Indian airlines.

4 years ago

Kingfisher submits full plan to restart airline with help from Mallya’s spirits

The plan might be approved with the official financial backing of UB Group, but attracting customers turned off by bad memories will be difficult in India’s increasingly competitive market.

4 years ago

Kingfisher Airlines Chairman tells employees that they’ll be flying again by summer

Vijay Mallya blames the Indian government for not adjusting regulations in time for him to attract foreign investors before his airline was grounded, but, in reality, his poor management is at the core of Kingfisher’s troubles.

4 years ago

Kingfisher Airlines to lose operating license

Without providing information on new financing, Kingfisher's operating license will expire, although it can seek reinstatement if the airline can find an investor.

4 years ago

Kingfisher’s long awaited revival plan isn’t cutting it for state regulators

After months of Kingfisher working on a revival plan that would bring the airline back from the grave, it appears the executives are as puzzled as everyone else on how this will ever happen.

4 years ago

IndiGo carried more passengers than any other Indian airline in 2012

Thanks to Kingfisher’s slow demise throughout the year, both Indigo and Air India were able to substantially increase their market share despite fewer flyers buying fares.

4 years ago

Etihad now speaking to Kingfisher for buying 48 percent stake

And now Etihad is looking at Kingfisher, instead of Jet as was reported earlier last month. For now, the turmoil and uncertainty in India skies will continue.

4 years ago

Kingfisher fails to find billion-dollar boost by bankers’ deadline

There’s almost no chance outside investors will step in to save the ailing airline when even owner Vjiay Mallya is hesitant to divert funds into its resurrection.

4 years ago

Air India leverages its impressive art collection to woo Kingfisher’s previous corporate clients

An entire segment of Indian travelers are looking for a new carrier and Air India’s artwork will aid it in branding itself as a more refined, established service in comparison to the budget airlines.

4 years ago

Who’s willing to gamble $1 billion on Kingfisher’s unlikely rebound?

The airline’s restructuring plan, to be submitted to the government by year’s end, will make or break the airline as its employees and lenders have reached their wits’ end.

4 years ago

Kingfisher can’t convince the government (or itself) that it should be allowed to fly

The airline can’t seem to piece together even a mediocre response and has asked the aviation agency for more time to think as it continues to beg its employees to come back to work.

4 years ago