The Airport Security Measure That Works, Yet too few Airports Use

Airports in the U.S. don't copy Israel's security measures because that would mean employing a highly skilled, fairly compensated workforce. And despite the bluster of political leaders, they're not wiling to go that far for security.

Israel Tourism’s Oscar Promotion Has Already Turned Political

Tourism boards are hyper sensitive when it comes to potentially divisive political issues. But when the tourism board is Israel's, conflict is nearly impossible to avoid.

Israel Tourism Adds Free Celebrity Junkets to the Annual Oscar Swag Bag

We're not sure that people plan a trip to a destination like Israel based upon photos they see in Us Weekly, but we have seen bigger wastes of money on influencer trips.

El Al Airlines Stock Rallies Despite Israel’s Tourism Slump

The 2013 Open Skies agreement with Europe didn't crush El Al and its stock price has soared based on diving oil prices and the strength of the shekel. The trends don't look so great, though, as tourism is slumping because of the spate of knifings and other political violence.

Israel Says It’s Safe for Russian Tourists Amid Regional Turmoil

Two countries' tourism setbacks are other countries tourism gains, and with its sunny beaches and plenty of history Israel certainly stands to gain a lot of Russian tourists if it can manage its message the right way.

Israel Tourism Targets Russian Travelers Turning Away From Turkey

Israel is offering security and discounts, two things sure to attract a clientele that feels insecure and fleeced right now.

Israel’s New Plan to Add 50% More Hotel Rooms Over Ten Years

Israel is too pricey a destination for some thanks to its low inventory of hotel rooms. Now it has a plan to change this.

Israel Has a Hippie Version of Uber That Thinks It Understands Sharing

The real sharing economy from the land of the kibbutz.

American Airlines To End U.S.-Israel Flights That Came With US Airways Merger

American's Philly-Tel Aviv flights faced competition from El Al and United from JFK.

In Battle Over Jesus Tourism, UNESCO Sides With Jordan

When you mix deeply held religious beliefs, political conflict, and the business of tourism you never end up with a result that's anything less than muddy.