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British Airways Will Resume Flights to Iran

It's positive sign of increased normalization with the once-pariah country.

2 months ago

Boeing’s Big Sale to Iran Has Turned Political Already

Boeing has factories spread across the U.S. in a manner that transcends party politics. This deal will go through.

4 months ago

For Boeing, an Historic, Albeit Politically Turbulent Deal with Iran Air

One example of the many ways in which politics and the business of travel intersect. Another big question we have to ask: Where is that $25 billion coming from?

4 months ago

Iran Air Signs an Agreement With Boeing That Has Several Strings Attached

Getting two countries back on the right footing with each other often starts in the travel industry. The more access and routes travelers have to Iran, the quicker the situation can start slowly improving.

4 months ago

Iran May Buy 100 Planes From Boeing in First Big Post-Nuke Deal Sale

$25 billion in sales could certainly sway politicians in Boeing cities to drop opposition to the Iran deals. At least Boeing hopes so.

4 months ago

Bombardier Sees Opportunity in Iran’s Untapped Tourism Potential

Post-nuke agreement, Iran is in an excellent position to start selling itself to the world again.

6 months ago

Air France Returned to Tehran, Iran Today for the First Time Since 2008

Iran needs more contact with Europe and the U.S., not less.

6 months ago

Saudi Arabia Bans an Iranian Airline as Political Tensions Grow

It never ends well when airlines are used as pawns in political power plays.

7 months ago

Tour Operators Hope Iran Becomes the Next Cuba

There are still numerous challenges and restrictions for Americans who want to visit Iran. But recent progress for Europeans has created hope for a wider opening of the country to U.S. travelers.

7 months ago

Iran Gets 5-Star Melia Hotels Property on Caspian Sea

Melia Hotels and Accor Hotels are among the early movers in global chains' return to Iran after an ugly exit in 1979. The parliamentary gains of moderate politicians in Iran's recent elections may give foreign businesses a bit of a confidence boost.

8 months ago

British Airways Is Returning to Tehran, Iran in July

Normalization with Iran will certainly upset interests that have grown complacent in the last decades. In the big picture, it's not a bad thing at all.

9 months ago

European Airlines Are Almost Ready to Return to Tehran

Iran travel will become much easier for flyers once European carriers return.

9 months ago