Expedia Hopes for Trivago IPO Before the End of 2016

An IPO for Trivago has been a hoped-for option for Expedia since it acquired the company in 2012. Trivago has been a growth juggernaut and now its investors hope to cash in and to spur increased growth.

Indian Booking Site Yatra To Go Public On Nasdaq, Valued At $218 Million

There is a round of consolidation left in the Indian online booking market, which has happened in every other major market but not here.

OTG Brought iPads to Airport Concessions and Now It’s Filing for an IPO

OTG's iPads at airports have vastly improved the guest experience, but they likely have the capacity to deliver much more, from event tickets to airport gaming and beyond.

Frontier Airlines is Considering a Rare U.S. Carrier IPO

This is certainly an interesting development for a carrier that filed for bankruptcy only seven years ago and signals that the Indigo buyout did something to bring Frontier back from the brink.

Hostelworld Prices Its IPO at a $270 Million Valuation

Although it is very much apples to oranges, the Hostelworld IPO might be viewed as a toe in the water for companies such as Airbnb and other alternative lodging/sharing-economy companies mulling their futures as public companies.

Azul Considers an IPO Again, This Time for Its Loyalty Program

Azul is desperate to pull off some kind of IPO — any kind of IPO. Considering the success rate for loyalty spinoffs, it's likely a good idea.

Airbnb Confirms Appointment of CFO Who Can Prepare It for IPO

To prepare for an IPO, expect Airbnb to mix hardball tactics and concessionary moves in order to free itself from its massive regulatory issues.

Spring Air Soars in First Chinese Airline IPO in More Than a Decade

The demand is there for Spring Air but the competition will be intense as low cost carriers target China for expansion.

Virgin America Raises $307 Million in Its IPO Debut

We'd love to see Virgin use this money to expand beyond being a fringe airline operating a few select trans-continental routes.

Vietnam Airlines IPO Fails to Draw a Foreign Investor for Six Years

Although tourism throughout Asia is on the rise, aviation has proved a risky investment, making it difficult to draw investors even in the most optimistic cases.