Pilots’ iPad App Problem Delayed American Airlines Flights for Second Day

Some pilots had to return to the gate to access Wi-Fi to fix the navigation problem on their iPads. No Wi-Fi? Now there's a new problem.

Minneapolis Airport May Add Gambling to Terminal Tablets

Airports are adding iPads to terminals to engage consumers and reap additional revenues. Digital lottery tickets would be one of the fastest ways to accomplish these goals.

Priceline iPad Update Lets Users Search by Inspiration

The iPad is an ideal device for travelers to use when they want to sit back on the couch, or take an elliptical through its paces, and muse about where they'd like to travel to. Priceline's new Explore feature in its updated iPad app isn't going to kick the stock up to $1,500 per share, but it is a nice touch to round out its offerings.

Southwest Will Hand Out Free iPads on Select Flights

Southwest passengers like free stuff, including the use of DISH-furnished iPad 2s and free programming. For Dish, it is a smart way to push their DVR service.

More Than Half of Hotels.com Mobile Bookings Are for Same-Day Stays

If iPad users have more fun, staying at more luxurious hotels, that's not hard to believe. Hotels.com's high percentage of mobile, same-day bookers, though, seem off the charts.

Starwood Launches New iOS 7 iPad App for its Loyalty Members

Starwood is heavily focused on improving customers' digital brand experience. The iPad app, the first of several expected mobile upgrades, proves the hotel group understands its customers' needs.

Cape Cod Hotels Get iPads to Promote Area Attractions for Guests

Concierge Connects is off to a modest beginning in Cape Cod, where like many places, hotels are still handing out lots of brochures to guests. These iPads and websites should inject a little life into looking for things to do around the Cape.

Hertz Attempts to Remake Car-Rental Stores with iPads, Charging Stations

Hertz should be commended for getting out-front with the next-generation car-rental location. iPads, recharging stations, kiosks and business services make these locations much more than a place to pick up your car keys and get the hell out of there.

Priceline updates iPad app with emphasis on hotel deals tonight

Priceline's iPad app reduces potential confusion about its panalopy of hotel services. Just tap on a services, such as Express Deals or Name Your Own Price, and you're in.