The state of pet travel in United States

While hotels have been doing more marketing about their pet-friendliness, airlines have been regressing as a rule, and it shows in this survey. But sooner or later, travel industry -- potentially working with services like DogVacay -- will have to do more to address the high spending user base.

How airline logo design has evolved over the last 100 years

Logo design has become cleaner in recent years with a shift away from graphics and towards plain font.

Desktop still dominates mobile as travelers’ preferred booking platform

It’s not surprising that consumers prefer digitally native booking and review apps to those of airlines and hotels, but online websites remain the most trusted and accessed platform for travelers.

Infographic: Studying abroad trends increasingly pointing east

The U.S. recession slowed study abroad programs in 2008 and since then students have become smarter by choosing cheaper destinations that are not only fun, but provide career boosting opportunities.

Infographic: The fabulous travel habits of the world’s wealthiest tourists

With the world as their playground, these high net worth individuals seek out destinations with historic, cultural, or environmental significance. Why just go to the beach when you can go the beach and brag about the historical significance of its shores?

Infographic: A trip through time to explore the evolution of modern-day luggage

Despite the similarities in the basic design of suitcases over the years, new concepts for bags that can follow behind travelers and suitcases that turn into scooters suggests that the evolution isn’t slowing any time soon.

Infographic: These are the most on-time airports in the U.S. this holiday season

Most passengers head to the airport with dismal expectations, so looking at factors like how many passengers pass through the airport, where they are located, and which airlines fly there can either ease or float travel anxieties.

Infographic: Will anyone book a hotel if it has zero TripAdvisor reviews?

It sends a red flag to guests when their peers don't take the time to post and makes properties look lazy for not engaging their customers in an online discussion given the current pervasiveness of social travel.

Because someone asked: The travel habits of Iranians

Clearly a growth (aka yet-to-grow) market, mostly outward bound, as the tight sanctions on Iran continue.

Infographic: Where and how Americans are traveling to taste the turkey this year

Americans can brace themselves for crowded highways and busy airports this week, but the good news is that travel is consistently more congested during Thanksgiving than the December holidays.