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EasyJet, IAG CEOs Say Market Overreacted to Brexit

Yes, Brexit is a big deal politically in the United Kingdom. But the decision should not affect the nation's airlines much.

2 months ago

Will Low-Cost Airlines Benefit From a Brexit-Induced Corporate Travel Slowdown?

If the UK economy moves into recession, companies will look to slash their corporate travel budget. Full service carriers like British Airways are likely to take the bigger hit, which could benefit low-cost airlines like easyJet.

2 months ago

British Airways Owner Relying on Aer Lingus to Soften Brexit Blow

It looks like International Airlines Group knew it what it was doing last year when it acquired Aer Lingus.

3 months ago

Qatar Airways Again Raises Its Stake in British Airways Owner IAG

IAG stock is relatively cheap now so, it makes sense that Qatar Airways took this chance to add to its shares in the company.

3 months ago

British Airways Owner Says Brexit Won’t Spur Operational Changes

Willie Walsh sees a $2 billion shortfall because of fuel purchases in U.S. dollars as "very technical, mechanical." Ya, the Great Depression was merely a correction too.

4 months ago

EasyJet Says Brexit Will Spur ‘Consumer Uncertainty’

Two of Great Britain's largest airline companies fear the Brexit will be bad for business, as passengers may cut back on travel.

4 months ago

Qatar Air CEO Is Happy With His Carrier’s Current Stake in British Airways’ Owner

If not for Europe's limits on foreign ownership, Qatar Airways and other gulf carriers would undoubtedly have an even larger presence across the continent.

5 months ago

Qatar Air Increases Its Stake in British Airways Owner IAG

Until the Open Skies debacle gets resolved, Qatar Airways' stake in IAG, particularly for its North American routes, is its way to benefit from lucrative transatlantic routes.

6 months ago

British Airways to Grow Fleet After Profit Leap in 2015

BA is the envy of every European airline right now.

8 months ago

American and British Airways Want Approval for Joint Venture With LATAM

The three airlines are already Oneworld members but this new codeshare agreement would take cooperation to a wholly different level.

10 months ago

British Airways Parent Edges Past Lufthansa to Become Europe’s Second Largest Carrier

British Airways is the only legacy carrier in Europe that seems to have a handle on the unique challenges they are facing.

10 months ago

British Airways Seeks Closer Ties With Latam to Boost Transatlantic Business

With Latam in South America, American in North America, and some soon-to-be-agreed-upon partners in Europe, IAG is building a network capable of meeting the challenges of Gulf carriers. Now if only it's third runway at Heathrow wasn't being held up by politics.

11 months ago