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Rental Car Execs Say Business Is Strong Despite Brexit and Terror

Car rental companies have bounced back in the last year by becoming smarter about how they reach customers and invest in technology.

2 months ago

Hertz Signs Deals With Uber, Lyft to Rent Very Used Cars to Drivers

If you can't beat 'em, then join 'em -- or at least, from Hertz's perspective, partner with Uber and Lyft to attract a new revenue stream. Hertz, Avis Budget, Enterprise and others can't sit on their butts and they are scurrying to adapt.

4 months ago

Why Car Rental Giants Are Learning Lessons From Airlines

Companies like Avis Budget and Hertz are looking for leadership from the same people that helped return U.S. airlines to profitability, as ride sharing services drive prices down in the traditional car rental ecosystem.

5 months ago

Hertz CEO Sees Ride-Sharing Partnerships as Best Path Forward

Hertz knows it needs to get more involved in ride-sharing to keep itself relevant but isn't yet sure what that solution is. It doesn't see its current Lyft partnership as strategic, but it was still willing to test the ride-sharing waters.

5 months ago

Skift Survey: More Evidence of Uber Becoming a Rental Car Replacement

The substitution effect is real, and car rental companies for the first time are beginning to look like transitory businesses.

6 months ago

Hertz Cuts Outlook Because of Rental Car ‘Glut’

If by "excess capacity" he means "Uber" then, yes, we are in agreement.

6 months ago

Hertz Investment in On-Demand Car Service Tied to Tech Overhaul

Hertz's investment in on-demand valet-parking service Luxe should be seen in the context of Accorhotels recently acquiring Onefinestay. Car rental companies and hotels are both feeling pressure from the sharing economy and they will be making more such investments and acquisitions as these startup mature.

6 months ago

Hertz Reports Softening in Corporate Rental Car Business

Weakening business travel demand, and the impact of ridesharing on the leisure market, is leading to lower rates and decreased revenue for car rental companies.

8 months ago

4 Charts Showing Car Rental Companies’ Growth in 2015

Rental car companies saw improvements in revenue and fleet sizes during 2015 and probably feel optimistic about the U.S. economy's continued recovery and increased American travel projected for this year. But they should hold off on celebrating until they demonstrate how they'll make renting cars easier and more mobile friendly in a world where Uber is a frequent alternative to rentals.

10 months ago

Hertz’ Earnings Fall Short as Financials Are Restated

Hertz is slowing improving from the mess it was, but its constant inward focus on its problems put it in a poor position to deal with external threats. Like Uber.

12 months ago

Skift Business Traveler: Hertz Falls Further Behind

What with all of Hertz' internal challenges it's doubtful they see Uber and Lyft sneaking up on their business travelers and making their lives' easier.

1 year ago

Hertz Has Another Lousy Quarter as Net Income Tumbles

A quarter like this makes you realize why they were reporting so poorly in the quarters before.

1 year ago