Hailo Taxi App Pulls Out of North America to Focus on Europe, Asia

Uber has won the battle for on-demand car service in the U.S. and Hailo is just one of several startups that will more quietly disappear as Uber becomes the paramount choice for tech-driven consumers.

How to Take Advantage of Twitter During Transport Crisis? Uber and Hailo Show the Way

Hailo and Uber saw an easy opportunity to pick up new riders during the strike. Neither of them tweeted if they were involved in surge pricing, though.

The Top 31 Most Heavily Venture-Funded Startups In Travel

The global travel industry is going through a lot of disruption, and the biggest sectors include the sharing economy and ground transportation, as well as one large potential winner in the hotel booking sector.

Car Hail Apps Team Up With Booze Companies, Turning Designated Drivers Digital

Smart move for everyone involved. But the booze companies need to make sure they don't combine inebriated users with surge pricing. That's not a good mix.

Skift Asks: Do You Need a Taxi Hailing App?

Car-hailing apps are the hot thing in ground transportation, but they'll need a big market to succeed. We see a few glimpses of that here, as well as a few things that could be speedbumps for the services.

Miami Regulators, Taxi Drivers and Locals Debate Mobile Hailing Apps

Regulatory adoption of Uber could quickly reach a tipping point in the U.S. where destinations would rather shake the status quo than be known as outdated and backwards among tourists and business travelers.

Are Uber, Hailo, and Other Taxi Apps Going After a Big Enough Market?

Plenty has been written about the e-hail companies' battles with regulators and new economy versus old. But their biggest challenge will be running what's basically a Ticketmaster for rides when the barrier for entry -- and costs, too -- are lower for existing players.

Do Hailo and Uber taxi e-hail apps defy a NYC judge’s orders? Nobody knows

The fate of the pilot program will be decided on by Monday, but we are certain that this will not be the end of legislative confusion, no matter what that “final” decision is.

Taxi-hailing apps are illegal again in NYC, day after launch

Big stakes game of hide-and-seek in the local taxi business in New York City, with huge entrenched players on one side with some legit demands, pushing against brash upstarts with dreams of disrupting.

Hailo gets the green light to participate in NYC’s e-hail pilot program

Hailo is now the second app with approval to participate in the pilot program, but neither Hailo CEO Jay Bregman nor TechCrunch made note of the startup’s premature launch this weekend.